Target Practice: Fields rocks!

While Brandon Fields was punting out of one end zone, kicker Dan Carpenter stood at the opposite 47-yard line preparing to kick a ball toward the opposite field goal. Talk about hitting the target. Fields’ high, booming kick grazed the back of Carpenter as it came down. While Carpenter turned around to see what had happened, Fields did a mock celebratory fist pump.

Tannehill on "NFL Total Access" Monday night.

Probably be a pile of platitudes but positive coverage isn't a bad thing.

Ten NFL teams will gain 2013 cap space on June 2

Here's a list of the ten teams and the amount of cap space they'll gain on Sunday, June 2: Miami Dolphins: $10.4 million — The Dolphins released inside linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett with "post-June 1" releases and, as a result, will pick up $10.4 million in cap space on June 2. Dansby, who has since signed with his original team, the Arizona Cardinals, was scheduled to earn $6.05 million in base salary, while Burnett, who signed with the Oakland Raiders, was due $4.35 million in salary in 2013. Combined, the two veteran linebackers will earn a maximum of $4.75 million from their new clubs in 2013. The Dolphins had $7.066 million under their adjusted cap number of $128.223 million and have three picks in the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL draft to sign before training camp. Those players are scheduled to count $4,832,672 against the team's 2013 cap. The downside to gaining an additional $10.4 million in cap space on June 2 is that Dansby and Burnett will combine to count $3.575 million in "dead" money against the Dolphins' 2014 salary cap.

The moment Brandon Gibson hit Ireland's Radar.

As Phibin says, he's a "hand catcher." Looking forward to seeing him do that FOR us.

Andy Hart of the team's official site points out that Brady is without his top seven targets from a season ago.

Brady's next leading pass-catcher from a season ago? Running back Shane Vereen, who accounted for eight receptions in 2012.


So, what are the fantasy team names you guys are going with this year? So far I have; ShamrockShakeShambles, GettingRANDYwithTheSTARKS, NeonBaySlappers and ELLERBErubbingMyNutsAllOverYoFace (There was a character limit).

You Are ALL Exercising wrong!

Don't forget to check the camel toe while you're wistfully imagining working that pony slap! Giddy yup!

Swope Still Feeling Concussions

I guess Philbin and Ireland knew it and didn't want to take a chance even though most of you (including myself) wanted Miami to draft him in the 3rd/4th round. He's a good guy; let's hope for the best considering the damages that happen with these concussions.

"The potential loss of Rob Gronkowski would seriously diminish the Patriots' chance of winning the AFC East this season."

"Gronkowski is arguably the best tight end in the game, with a combination of size, speed and athleticism that makes him indefensible between the hashes. Tom Brady depends on him as the No. 1 option in the passing game, which sets up the rest of the Patriots' playmakers on the perimeter. This is particularly important without Wes Welker (who joined the Denver Broncos as a free agent) in the lineup to control the middle of the field from the slot receiver position. Without Gronk, the Patriots' opponents would focus their efforts on shutting down Aaron Hernandez, forcing Brady to rely on Danny Amendola and a cast of lesser names to carry the offense. Given the improvement of the Miami Dolphins on both sides of the ball, the potential lack of punch from the Patriots' offense could result in Ryan Tannehill and Co. wearing the crown at season's end."....Bucky Brooks will probably be fired for speaking against the vaunted Pats. lol

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