Hope this link works. An interesting article which states how McCourteys tipped ball for the interception went forward and should have been called for intentional batting of the ball! Amy other thoughts on this.

Cheerleaders VS Holloween

  1. Just pictures
  2. Different teams
  3. Just lots of smiles
  4. Mix of fun & suprize
  5. sum look as if they need jackets

Jeff Darlington Reports Jonathan Martin has suffered a "Breakdown"

Per Jeff Darlington, Dolphins T Jonathan Martin has been absent from team facility all week and has not practiced, and the team is not expecting him to play tomorrow. The Dolphins have accurately listed Martin's status as "illness" for the past week, but rather than the issue being the flu as some suspected, it's a mental issue. Martin was recently "demoted" from left tackle to right tackle after spending the 2013 offseason working to solidify himself as an NFL left tackle. He struggled in his 2013 season right tackle debut, yielding a sack, 2 QB hits, and 3 QB hurries against the Patriots. We wish him the best of luck in working through his recent career setback.

For everyone still criticizing the Jordan pick,

please peruse the list and let us know who you'd rather have drafted. Special attention should go the the OT's.

So I did a Google search of controversial calls in the NFL for 2013...

And what do ya know.....the ENTIRE 1st page is nothing but links to how the Pats got robbed in their OT loss to the Jets. And not just a bunch of random blogs...alot of these are from, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, Reuters, etc. Maybe I should let it go, but I cant. I'm only searching for it because Id like to get some unbiased opinions from the comments sections of these sites. I want to know if my feelings about the game are supported by other people, especially those with no dog in the fight. But I shouldve known that this game would get swept under the rug. I havent looked past the 1st page, so who knows. Maybe some random blogger out there is trying to shed some light on this travesty. Ok, rant over. I apologize for beating this dead horse, but dammit, that horse has it coming!

Stop the madness.


It is not time to give up on Tannehill. Step back from the ledge and remember even the much maligned Chad Henne was given 31 starts as a Miami Dolphin. Franchise QBs do not grow on trees. RT has now started 23 professional games and spent most of his college career as a WR. Then, when he became the QB he led a mostly zone read spread offense. Everyone knew this guy would need to be groomed coming out of college. Why is everyone so surprised when he makes mistakes? I think Sherman is likely the issue here.

Armando Salguero examines the 2nd half playcalling against the Patriots

I don't often agree with Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, but he summed up my issues with Mike Sherman in the second half very nicely. The run vs. pass playcalls are explained clearly, and his tendency to allow opposing defenses to dictate what we do even when we've demonstrated the ability to impose our will on them running the ball is rightly criticized. I had no problems with us abandoning the run against Cleveland because for 3 full quarters, the Browns defensive front had demonstrated without any doubt they could manhandle our blockers. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were down at halftime by 1 point, and Tannehill was on fire in the second half in Cleveland passing to Hartline, Gibson, and Clay. However, our situation against the Patriots was completely different. When the Dolphins have a 2 touchdown lead, an offensive line that looked good running the ball, and an opposing defensive front missing two of their best players in Jerod Mayo and big Vince Wilfork, abandoning the run as we did against the Patriots was inexcusable. On a fourth and 2 in the first half, with the defense loading up against the run, Daniel Thomas ran up the middle for a 15 yard gain. There was no doubt we could run the ball against them because they're the 31st ranked run defense in the NFL for a reason...However, we instead tried to pass our way to victory despite losing Brandon Gibson to a knee injury early in the game and Tannehill averaging just 4 yards per pass attempt in the first half, and we lost the game in part due to bad penalties, yes, but also due to turnovers committed by the offense on passing plays.

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