Football Outsiders: Failed Completions 2013

"What are failed completions? They are any complete passes that fail to gain enough yardage to count as a successful play based on these guidelines: 45 percent of needed yards on first down, 60 percent on second down, or 100 percent on third/fourth down." Overall Tannehill is good, but it looks worse when it matters the most on 3rd down. Also, the defense is ranked low when it comes to force failed completions. A stat showing the struggles of the LBs, I guess.

Desean Jackson released

Should Miami go after a pro-bowl WR? We still have cap space...

What Are The Miami Dolphins Getting With Branden Albert?

A look at how successful Branden Albert is in both pass protection and run blocking.

Marino vs. Elway in Greatest QB Bracket - Go Vote!


It's Dan Marino vs. John Elway in's Greatest QB Bracket. Marino, the four seed, beat Phil Sims in the first round. Can he beat Elway in the second?

You can vote here.'s The Finsiders has a good writeup about Marino and the bracket here.

Dolphins sign Knowshon Moreno to 1-year Deal

No word on the salary involved. Dramatically upgrades the Dolphins' running back corps' pass protection and receiving ability, but he is not an upgrade on running downs. He breaks fewer tackles than Daniel Thomas and generates fewer long-runs than Lamar Miller, so his best role is as a third down back on passing downs.

AJ Francis has some questions for the NFL

According to CBS' Jason La Canfora, the Dolphins have renewed attempts to trade Mike Wallace. Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter Mar 26 - 11:05 AM

Don't know if the link is good, but, what is up with this?

NFL draft: Compensatory picks announced; four teams land extra third-rounders

Uh I feel snubbed. What about jake long? We lost him to FA, Martin abandoned the team (ragardless of the locker room we didn't get field time returned on our investment). Maybe I'm missing something, since I'm not totally up to par on their decision criteria, but the jets get 4 comp picks? At first glance of the teams awarded comp picks, my first impression is the nfl is playing favorites again.

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