Incognito NOT being investigated by the NFLPA

That would make Adam Schefter: a) wrong b) a slimy little #^%#& who doesn't check his facts c) an ESPN toad with a grudge against Richie Incognito d) the height of an average 5th grader e) all of the above.

Our Secondary

Our secondary has been found wanting for several years now, with Grimes and Patterson playing lights out I believe we may finally have made the step in the right direction. Last week PFF had Grimes rated as the fourth best CB and Patterson , missing four games and recovering from injury as the twenty first best CB. I couldn't find thier ranking's for this week yet. The better coverage this week deffinately helped our pass rush. Starks, Odrick and Solai seem to be having better seasons with the help.

This Is Why Football Is GREAT!!

Love these types of stories. Kids get it most of the time.

NFL Player's Union launching investigation into Jonathan Martin's case, with a focus on Incognito

So, first I'd like to begin by reminding everyone that ESPN's Adam Schefter recently got a story about Incognito allegedly assaulting a bouncer at a club "somewhat wrong." And by "somewhat wrong," I mean, "The police felt Incognito was simply trying to stop a fight and noted in their report that he was more injured than the bouncer he allegedly attacked. No charges were filed." Still, you can expect to hear more about this as other news services pick up Schefter's story, so I've included a link into a story with contradictory premises. They quote a "high ranking source" says Richie Incognito has been a model citizen with the Dolphins. However, another anonymous source says the NFL player's union has reason to believe Incognito helped orchestrate the potential "bullying" of Jon Martin.

update on Martin

Looks like it was more serious than thought.

The Ryan Tannehill Press Conference Drinking Game


... Drink every time he says the word 'huge'.

PFF: Drop Rate – WRs

Mike Wallace is on the wrong list. Though he's not as bad as Davone Bess.

Wake we missed you & your production. Destroy Tampa Bay!

Safty this!

When the Hat comes off & the hands touch it's so cool!

Congratulations to John Offerdahl!

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