James McKinney

Editor / Social Media

James "officially" joined the Phinsider in March of 2009, after a few month's of lurking in a creepy fashion reading articles in a respectful manner from afar. In past history and during a time on the site that we can no longer talk about for a variety of reason, including that pesky order to cease and desist, James was known as texascowpunk or just plain old Tex. After becoming a regular member of the now infamous CKC's and doing all he could, as his civic duty, to torture Nicky on a nightly basis he began to post. Honestly no one had a single freaking clue what he was talking about but since most just assumed that he was just "different", "off" or even in some way dangerous these same post were always heavily rec'd.

Shortly after the controversial and disturbing (Kevin had to mud wrestle Alpha, with both wearing nothing but a thong, for the position) takeover of the Phinsider by Kevin, Kevin sent an invite to James via carrier pigeon to become the site moderator. James, confused by the use of middle ages era technology, never managed to retrieve his message. After several more attempts by Kevin and the offering of many fine tapestries, James agreed and joined the staff of the finest Miami Dolphins blog available to man kind, The Phinsider.

James, a life long Dolphins fan from Coral Gables Florida now lives in Denton Texas (that's right, home of the fighting mean green). After many years as a self appointed super hero going only by the name of "Mike Hancho", a year in Bali as a professional spelunker and a life time as a well noted music snob, he now works triple full time (no seriously he works a shit ton of hours) as Director of Operations for Z7 Solutions.


Aaron Hernandez Could Go Free In Murder Case

This article makes some valid points as to why Hernandez could walk. I have to wonder, if he is acquitted, does some NFL team actually take a chance on him? I know that without a doubt that some fan's will scream for their team to do so under the guise of "Hey the guy was found innocent, this is America!" which of course is just a way of saying I put winning over everything else that matters. Your thoughts?

Dolfans planning a MetLife Takeover

Really excited to see this thing gaining steam. It proves that there is still a solid fan base out there despite our struggles in recent years. Go Phins! Also a tip of the hat to phinsatx who alerted me to this with his comment and to hbkDolphins who's post on this can be found HERE.


Thanksgiving Night CKC

Thanksgiving Night CKC: What Things About The Dolphins Are You Actually Thankful For Edition?

A New Low For ESPN?

ESPN Writer Denies Writing ESPN Article Claiming Living Man Is Dead

Thanksgiving Late Game Thread: Steelers @ Ravens

Join us here for the late Thanksgiving day game with the Steelers traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

Thanksgiving Mid-Day Game Thread Raiders @ Cowboys

Join us here to discuss the Thanksgiving mid day game against the Raiders and Cowboys.

Thanksgiving Day Early Game Thread Packers @ Lions

Please join us here to discuss the Packers at the Lions game. This is the early Thanksgiving day game and we will have two more threads following this one to cover both the mid day and evening games.


Thanksgiving Day 4 Day Weekend Daytime Live Thread

Thanksgiving Day Four Day Weekend Daytime Live Thread

Wednesday Night Random Live Thread

Wednesday Night Random Live Thread

Remembering Sean Taylor!

6 years ago today Sean Taylor was murdered trying to protect his family from intruders. Sean was of course one of the greatest players to EVER come out of the U! RIP Sean!

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