Chris Early

Contributing Author and Draft Analyst

Hello, I am The Earl. That is a nickname that I received over 15 years ago and my friends still call me that today. I am a graduate of Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in mathematics. I am a husband and a father. I have been a fan of the Miami Dolphins for as long as I can remember. I am a fan of NASCAR and my favorite driver is Kasey Kahne. I also root for the Boston Red Sox, Appalachian State Mountaineers, and NC State Wolfpack basketball.

I am a contributing writer to The Phinsider a.k.a. the greatest Dolphins blog on the internet. I discovered The Phinsider via the old NFL app on Sprint phones back in 2009. I would read articles through that app, but only front page articles were available. I ventured onto the real site shortly thereafter and realized that it was a vibrant interactive community of Dolphins fans. On February 10, 2010 I joined the site.

Since that day, I have been an active member of the site. I was asked to be a contributing writer to the site in 2011. In 2012, fellow members of the site voted me into the Phinsider Hall of Fame. This is an honor that I appreciate very much. I enjoy writing about the Dolphins, but I enjoy discussing the Dolphins with fellow fans even more. I enjoy being a part of the Phinsider Podcast and the Friday Night Google+ Hangout


Miami Dolphins: Anatomy Of A Play


The Miami Dolphins defeated the Atlanta Falcons thanks to a well orchestrated drive by quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But Jimmy Wilson and Dion Jordan finished off the Falcons with a key defensive...

Miami Dolphins: Anatomy of a Touchdown


The Miami Dolphins had several big plays in their victory over the Colts. What made those plays successful?

What goes into scoring a touchdown?

What goes into scoring a touchdown? Here a deeper look at the touchdown Brian Hartline scored against the Cleveland Browns.

Breakdown of Brent Grimes Interception Against the Texans


Excellent breakdown of how Grimes ultimately ended up with the INT.

The Miami Dolphins release CB Richard Marshall


The Miami Dolphins have begun paring their roster down by releasing Richard Marshall today. Are the rookies ready? Is this a precursor to another move?

Hall of Fame Game tape analysis of Jonathan Martin

The media says Jonathan Martin struggled during the Hall of Fame game. The game tape suggests otherwise. What does a play-by-play analysis show?

Miami Dolphins 53 Man Roster: Pre-Camp Edition


With less than two weeks until training camp starts, it's time to start looking at what players will make the Miami Dolphins' roster this season. Who makes the cut?

2013 Dolphins Training Camp Battles: Running Backs


Reggie Bush is gone to Detroit and the Miami Dolphins have a young, but unproven crew of running backs. Who will emerge as the starter?

2013 Miami Dolphins Training Camp Battles


Reshad Jones has one of the two safety spots locked down for the Miami Dolphins. Who is going to be playing along side him this season?

2013 Miami Dolphins Training Camp Battles


The Miami Dolphins stocked up on receiver talent in free agency this offseason. But do they have some possible homegrown playmakers that could emerge from the shadows this training camp?

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