Brian Naidus

Contributing Author

Brian (I like turtles) Naidus joined the Phinsider in early 2009 after the [insert depressing number here]th mediocre Dolphin season he had endured in his lifetime. Fortunately, this period was actually the first time Miami had actually claimed the division title (Take that New England!!!!). Despite his critical sense of humor, and realistic views of his favorite football team, Brian continued to showcase unique posts to the Phinsider, including the site's first "unofficial" newsletter, the Wildcat Weekly, which he posted after every team victory. In August 2012, he was offered a position to be a contributing author to the site. What he may lack in knowledge and actual writing skills, Brian usually makes up for in creativity. His posts are almost always interactive, and he will almost always aim to spark conversation with polls, trivia, games and when all else fails, New York Jets jokes (by the way, it NEVER fails).

When he's not living and breathing Miami Dolphins football, Brian is just a laid-back sports lover from South Florida. A UCF alum (Go Knights!), he is now an engineer that travels the country from project to project. You never know where he will pop up, but when he does, you should prepare yourself for a good insightful conversation, and most likely crude toilet humor. Mostly the latter.


Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 2: Which Dolphins To Play

The Miami Dolphins have a better hand this week after going against a "full house" in week 1 against a potent Texans team in Houston. Miami has their home opener against a Raiders team, that may...

Miami Dolphins 10, Houston Texans 30


Well, the season is underway and it is easy to feel a bit disappointed with a Dolphins loss. Miami hang tough with Houston, leading 3-0 with 6 minutes left in the first half, before they end up...

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 1: Which Dolphins To Play


As we all know the season will start for Miami with a daunting task of trying to upset the Houston Texans on the road. At least on paper, the Dolphins show little firepower offensively, and...

How to Beat Em': Week 1- Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans

Well the season is mere DAYS underway and it is quite apparent that the overall excitement level is quite lower than usual for a season opener. Last year's opener brought us a primetime match-up...

ESPN Week 1 Power Rankings.


Miami Dolphins stand pat at #27.

Ryan Tannehill gives reasons to believe Dolphins have stability at QB


Pretty good article by Yahoo's Jason Cole. Shows that not only is our coaching impressed by the kid, but even other coaches are seeing possible glimpses of greatness.

Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks Episode 4 Immediate Reactions

We're already up to Hard Knocks Episode 4 as the series is starting to wind down. Even before the episode started, a tweet from NFL Films stated that they would show football fans what it's like...

The Miami Dolphins Reactionary Flowchart: A look into the FIRELAND mob

Hey there Dolphin Fans, Has complaining and whining about Miami gotten downright confusing!? Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering who to blame? Does seeing players like Peyton...

Colts acquire Vontae Davis for a second round pick. Wow. UPDATE: Jay Glazer reports that Miami...


Colts acquire Vontae Davis for a second round pick. Wow. UPDATE: Jay Glazer reports that Miami will receive a conditional late round pick as well, most likely a 6th rounder.

Fantasy Football Tips from the Phintasy Wizard

Who dares disturb the wise one! Tis I, the Phintasy Wizard, the most powerful and wise fantasy football sorcerer in all the land. Now that you are here I have no choice but to share my knowledge...

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