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Brian (I like turtles) Naidus joined the Phinsider in early 2009 after the [insert depressing number here]th mediocre Dolphin season he had endured in his lifetime. Fortunately, this period was actually the first time Miami had actually claimed the division title (Take that New England!!!!). Despite his critical sense of humor, and realistic views of his favorite football team, Brian continued to showcase unique posts to the Phinsider, including the site's first "unofficial" newsletter, the Wildcat Weekly, which he posted after every team victory. In August 2012, he was offered a position to be a contributing author to the site. What he may lack in knowledge and actual writing skills, Brian usually makes up for in creativity. His posts are almost always interactive, and he will almost always aim to spark conversation with polls, trivia, games and when all else fails, New York Jets jokes (by the way, it NEVER fails).

When he's not living and breathing Miami Dolphins football, Brian is just a laid-back sports lover from South Florida. A UCF alum (Go Knights!), he is now an engineer that travels the country from project to project. You never know where he will pop up, but when he does, you should prepare yourself for a good insightful conversation, and most likely crude toilet humor. Mostly the latter.


Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 3: Which Dolphins To Play


Nothing like Jets v Dolphins boys and girls, and despite the match-up on Sunday, don't forget to set your fantasy rosters in the morning so you can focus on this week's game with no interruptions....

Perfection Post (Formerly Wildcat Weekly) is UP and trivia challenge is STILL unanswered


For those who didn't wake up early enough, the long anticipated Perfection Post is up and the trivia challenge has yet to be answered correctly. The first person who answers EVERY question correct in the same comment wins the weekly challenge. A running tally will be accumulated and whoever has the most points at years end will win an awesome prize... (i smell an autograph....) If you would, please REC this post to keep the link available long after the Perfection Post has exited the front page and allow everyone to check it out and try the trivia on for size! Thanks guys and GO FINS!

The Phinsider Power Rankings

WEEK 2 POWER RANKINGS- Presented by BSerious72, so if you have any beef with the rankings you have to go through ME :) THE TOP TEN: 49ers (2-0, +1) - Is there a more complete team in...

The Perfection Post 1.1: AmBUSHed in Miami


The Perfection Post 1.1: AmBUSHed in Miami Recap of Miami 35, Oakland 13 and preview for Week 3 matchup with the new York Jets.

Stampede Blue- "Vontae Davis Is Playing Like Poop Right Now"


I know it's early but Vontae Davis has allowed a PERFECT QB rating for passes thrown in his direction, giving up 10/11 targets for 145 yards and 2 TD's. Thought it was interesting to see how our second round pick investment was doing in comparison. Your thoughts? [Hat Tip to FinFinatic]

I need your help!!!! Looking to bring back the Wildcat Weekly, which for those who don't know, is a...


I need your help!!!! Looking to bring back the Wildcat Weekly, which for those who don't know, is a post I create after EVERY Dolphin victory). I slacked off last year, but can't contain myself after that Raiders butt whooping. One problem, I NEED a new name! It wouldn't be right to name it after our late formation inspired by field goal loving, fist-pimping, and now ENEMY, Tony Sparano. So I'm looking for your help. Help me name the NEW 2012 newsletter. Here are the rules: 1. There are no rules. Great, now that that's settled, best name wins, and the periodical formerly known as the Wildcat Weekly will be out this week!

BSerious72's Week 1 Power Rankings: I didn't see Kevin get a chance a post the collective power...


BSerious72's Week 1 Power Rankings: I didn't see Kevin get a chance a post the collective power rankings this week so I figured I'd let you see mine so you can bash me lol. Looking for Miami to take a big jump next week! Note: these were done before the CHI/GB game 1 Patriots- With Ridley looking as he good as he did, and with their defense looking fierce, who can dethrone them? 2 49ers- Perhaps the most complete team. Niners D didn't miss a beat, and against possibly the best offense in football. 3 Ravens- It's amazing how Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are still SO good. PS. Flacco, up there with RGIII, for surprise STUD of Week 1. 4 Texans- Started slow, but once they rolling, they can score on anyone. 5 Falcons- The new aerial attack in the NFL resides in Atlanta 6 Packers- We know they can pass, but unless they can run or stop offenses, they can be beat. 7 Broncos- Peyton is very glad that Tracy Porter is on HIS team. 8 Bears- Cutler and Marshall looking like kids in a candy store. Can they produce against top D's? 9 Cowboys- Can't ask for a better start for the boys than for Romo and Ware to terrorize their biggest rivals at their house on opening day. 10 Giants- Still way too much talent. They will compete for the division. 11 Eagles- Alot of talent but it all comes down to Mike Vick 12 Steelers- Their secondary looks like Miami's. 13 Lions- Lions fans must be hoping Stafford's game was a fluke. 14 Redskins- Biggest jump goes to RGIII and the Skins. Try telling him that they have no shot at the NFC East. 15 Saints- Who saw that coming? Saints need to shake that off, otherwise they might find themselves in a big hole in the tough NFC South. 16 Chargers- They will have their hands full in the much improved AFC West. 17 Bengals- Won't be the last team to get blown out by Baltimore. Alot to build on, but alot that they did right. 18 Jets- Suprised many including me, but let's see if Sanchez can keep it up for 16 games. I feel like I've seen this before. 19- Buccaneers- Schaino's defense might be the NFL's biggest suprise if they can play like every week like they did vs. Carolina. 20 Chiefs- Injuries continue to hurt this team. If they can get healthy, they can run with Denver. If not, well, good luck. 21 Raiders- How will they play against Miami? 22 Panthers- Cam Newton took a backseat to RGIII, atleast this week. 23 Cardinals- Gutty win against a disappointing SEA team. 24 Seahawks- Russel Wilson looks like he can be a good game manager, but still he is a rookie. 25 Bills- Fitzpatrick's hot and cold game has got to be getting old for Bills fans. 26 Titans- Searching for an identity 27 Vikings- Big win to fire up the team. Too bad it was against Jax. 28 Rams- To put up a fight against the Lions on the road, almost led to the week's biggest upset. Might be the best young secondary developing before our eyes. 29 Jaguars- Tough loss to start off the year might signal a long year for the Jags. However, if Gabbert plays like he did, they will surprise many. 30 Colts- It will be a learning curve for Luck, but this guy has all the tools to be amazing. 31 Dolphins- The Dolphins could have been alot higher if they could have sustained the game a bit longer. Turnovers started their demise against a top 5 team. 32 Browns- This is what happens when your offense is made of all rookies. Defense looks good though, and flustered Vick all game.

The Phinsider on ESPN Radio, NOW!


Clink the link for a live podcast for ESPN Tampa, Kevin is talking Fins Football!

How to Beat Em': Week 2- Miami Dolphins vs. Oakland Raiders

Keys to the game for the Miami Dolphins against their Week 2 match-up with the Oakland Raiders.

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