Brian Naidus

Contributing Author

Brian (I like turtles) Naidus joined the Phinsider in early 2009 after the [insert depressing number here]th mediocre Dolphin season he had endured in his lifetime. Fortunately, this period was actually the first time Miami had actually claimed the division title (Take that New England!!!!). Despite his critical sense of humor, and realistic views of his favorite football team, Brian continued to showcase unique posts to the Phinsider, including the site's first "unofficial" newsletter, the Wildcat Weekly, which he posted after every team victory. In August 2012, he was offered a position to be a contributing author to the site. What he may lack in knowledge and actual writing skills, Brian usually makes up for in creativity. His posts are almost always interactive, and he will almost always aim to spark conversation with polls, trivia, games and when all else fails, New York Jets jokes (by the way, it NEVER fails).

When he's not living and breathing Miami Dolphins football, Brian is just a laid-back sports lover from South Florida. A UCF alum (Go Knights!), he is now an engineer that travels the country from project to project. You never know where he will pop up, but when he does, you should prepare yourself for a good insightful conversation, and most likely crude toilet humor. Mostly the latter.


How to Beat Em'- Week 6: MIA vs STL

Eliminating the big play, limiting 'Legatron' & winning the turnover battle are Miami's top priorities this Sunday

SBNation's early Round 1 Mock Draft

Ouch, not only does Miami draft 7th (NO RESPECT STILL) but they have us taking Justin Hunter, WR from Tennessee. I'm not sure how I feel about this... oh that's right, I do... I hate it. There are about 20 other guys I would rather have and Hunter would not be my first pick at WR. If for some reason we DID end up as early as 7th I think we would look after OLB Jarvis Jones, CB Dee Milliner, WR Keenan Allen, CB David Amerson, CB Jonathan Banks, ILB Manti Te'o, WR Robert Woods or S Eric Reid instead.

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 6

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 6: Fantasy football advice for Week 5's Miami Dolphins vs St. Louis Rams & around the NFL.

The Perfection Post 1.2

The Perfection Post 1.2: Jones'n For Another Win- Recap of Miami 17, Cincinatti 13 and preview for Week 6 matchup with the St. Louis Rams

Miami Dolphins Quarter 1 Review: Analysis & Poll

Review & Grade your (1-3) Miami Dolphins on their performance so far this year.

Phinsider Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 5

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 5: Fantasy football advice for Week 5's Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals & around the NFL.

How to Beat Em': Week 4- Miami @ Arizona

Keys to Victory for the Week 4 Match-Up between the (1-2) Miami Dolphins and the (3-0) Arizona Cardinals.

Week 4 Fantasy Football Start Em'/Sit Em'

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 3: Fantasy football advice for Week 4's Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals & around the NFL.

Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 3: Which Dolphins To Play

Nothing like Jets v Dolphins boys and girls, and despite the match-up on Sunday, don't forget to set your fantasy rosters in the morning so you can focus on this week's game with no interruptions....

Perfection Post (Formerly Wildcat Weekly) is UP and trivia challenge is STILL unanswered

For those who didn't wake up early enough, the long anticipated Perfection Post is up and the trivia challenge has yet to be answered correctly. The first person who answers EVERY question correct in the same comment wins the weekly challenge. A running tally will be accumulated and whoever has the most points at years end will win an awesome prize... (i smell an autograph....) If you would, please REC this post to keep the link available long after the Perfection Post has exited the front page and allow everyone to check it out and try the trivia on for size! Thanks guys and GO FINS!

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