All time blue collar team

I got this idea from another fanpost (who would play for $500 a game). Since there is not much going on this time of year I thought I'd start another list. Going to try to do "all time teams" of former Dolphins. The first is my all blue collar Miami team. Guys that would play football if they didn't even get paid. They loved the game played with great passion. They may or may not have been the best athletes, but they played the hardest.

QB: Marino (He played on 1 leg for a decade. Just wanted to win)

RB: Zonka (The guy didn’t want to run around people)

FB: Polite (Someone tell me why we cut him again?!)

WR: Orande Gadsen (I loved this guy and he played hurt and ran about a 5.3, but got the job done)

WR: OJ Mcduffie (Another guy who had career shortened by injury. Loved how tough he played WR)

TE: Mandich (Tough TE. Thought about Fasano here, but this guy was tougher. Imagine if I'd put Egnew here...)

OL: Keith Sims (Was a toss up with me about him or Richmond Webb, I personally thought he was a little more of a brawler)

OL: Dwight Stevenson (Stud, plain and simple)

OL: Richie Incognito (I know he wasn't politically correct and may be a little crazy, but man he loved to play the game)

OL: Bob Kuechenberg (For my old school friends this guy was their version of a much more athletic Incognito)

OL: Larry Little (Stud)

Now for the defense.

DL: Jason Taylor (A guy that played with a chip on his shoulder. Many people said not big enough or strong enoug, but he sure was tough enough. I've never seen a DL dominate a season like he did when he won DMVP).

DL: Tim Bowens (A man among boys in his short career)

DL: Fernandez (Stud)

LB: Zach Thomas (probably the first guy most of you thought about when you read the title. We loved watching this under-rated MLB play the game.)

LB: Brian Cox (A personal favorite of mine. I loved his passion)

LB: John Offerdahl (Another guy who had career shortened. Played hard)

LB: Nick Buoniconti (Great ball player. Played the way the game should be played)

DB: Dick Anderson (Got after the opposing WR's every game)

DB: Louis Oliver (One of my favorite memories as a Phin fan was him taking a pick back 107 yards against Buffalo in the 90s)

DB: Sam Madison (I loved how he challenged people every game)

DB: Jake Scott (Had to have him on the list)

Nickle DB: Brock Marion (I loved how he played the game also)

Specialty: Jim Jensen

Honorable mention: AJ Duhe, Earl Morral, Wes Welker (if he had stayed a Phin he would be on it), Mike Pouncy, Irving Fryar, Larry Izzo (again another that we lost too early in career)

Current phins that may be on the list at some point: Jared Odrick, Cam Wake, Grimes, Delmas, Rashad Jones, Clay, Hartline, Landry, Tannehill.

Let me know who you think I left off and should not have put on the list.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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