All time "over-rated" Miami Dolphin team

All time over-rated Phins. This was a hard list to get put together as I love all players that wear a Miami jersey. These are guys that either came in with huge expectations and crashed, or underperformed for us but were big names. I have a few guys on the list that I love, but felt did not perform as well when looking at numbers.

QB: Chad Henne: This was a tough one, since until Marino retired we had been a very blessed group of fans. I hate to dump more hate on poor Chad, but he was supposed to be at minimum a solid starter that flat out sucked. Had all the skills needed, it just never clicked and "check-down-Chad" was the result.

RB: Mecury Morris: Don’t kill me phin fans. I loved the guy, but he played behind a hall of fame offensive line with a hall of fame QB and a hall of fame FB. Hard not to put up giant numbers there.

RB: Ronnie Brown: Other than as a wildcat QB I was never impressed with him. My worst memory was the INT that he threw (who called that awful play) on the goal line. He seemed to always get hawked from behind or taken down by fingernails.

WR: Brandon Marshal: Put up numbers and made some great catches. Also had some terrible drops in critical moments. I call him the QB killer for throwing Matt Moore under the bus at the pro-bowl. Notice he puts up great numbers in Chicago, and then tell me one game winning play he made.

WR: Ted Guinn Jr. (and family): Taken way too high in the draft, this kid never had a chance to be an elite WR. He had one great game (NYJ) and probably could have succeeded on our team if he’d been a 2nd or 3rd round pick as a #3 or #4 WR.

TE: Randy Mcmichael: I liked him and wanted him to be great. What he was…inconsistent to be nice. If you look at stat alone he is near the top for our TE’s in Miami, but if you remember watching him…

OT: Mark Columbo: The horrifying list goes on at guys that would solve our RT spot. This is just the worst of the bunch.

OT: Jake Long: Even when healthy the last 2 years he was relying on name recognition, not great play. Not what you want from the #1 pick of the draft. Good thing we didn’t take Matt Ryan

OG: Jeff Dellenbauch: I hate doing this part of the list, because this guy was one of the most versatile lineman and I liked him. But one reason guys are versatile is because they aren’t great at any one spot.

OG: Ed Newman: Probably wouldn’t be on this list if he hadn’t spent most of his career in the shadow of Larry Little. Played well, just not very much to be considered an all-timer for the Phins.

C: Samson Satele: How sad is it we want to bring this guy back? He started first 2 seasons for us and got blown off the ball in most games. Put it this way, the Colts got rid of him this season.

Now for the defensive side of the ball. I will list a 3-4 defense in this scenario.

DE: Daryl Gardener: A few solid seasons for Miami (thanks to guys like Tim Bowens). He once fought with OJ Mcduffie in the locker room. Signed to a ridiculous contract with Denver and instantly flopped once away from Bowens/Taylor DL combo.

NT: Paul Solai: I know I will hear all sorts of backlash on this pick. I love the guy, at a normal salary. I think he does his job, but I don’t remember seeing any kind of play being made by him. I’d take him on my team, but not at the crazy $$ he is getting this season.

DE: Dion Jordan: Hopefully a very temporary spot for Mr. Jordan. He will help us out to win some ball games this season and be off the list very quickly.

OLB: Dannell Ellerbe: I want to be proven wrong here. But I think most of us knew Wheeler would be bad, we just all bought the Ellerbe hype. I hope he finds his rhythm, cause Ray Lewis ain’t here to help you anymore.

OLB: Joey Porter: Had one season that was awesome. Other than that…

ILB: Karlos Dansby: Easy pick for me. I nicknamed him "Mr. Almost" due to all the big plays he almost made. The dropped INTs, the almost broken up plays, the almost tackles for loss of yardage. He has moved back to AZ and did well there, but never made plays for us.

ILB: Channing Crowder: Another almost kind of guy. He never made any plays that mattered. He seems like a nice enough guy and looked the part of a stud LB, just never played the part in the games.

FS: Glen Blackwood: Sorry old timers, this guy was a solid DB for us in a golden era of Dolphin football, but he was just an average player. I’d love to have him start for us now, but he was not an all-time great like many want to think.

SS: Rashad Jones: Pains me to put him here and I seriously want to be proven wrong this season. But this guy got paid and took huge steps backwards. Please prove me wrong Rashad!!!

CB: Sean Smith: People want a tall, rangy corner that makes plays. Smith fits 2 of the 3. Just doesn’t fit the "makes plays" part. I still remember a game where he drops the game sealing INT, then the team scores to win on that series. Anyone remember 5’4 T.Y. Hilton out jumping him for the ball, or him giving up a 15 yard catch on 4th and 15 against Indy in the same game?

CB: JB Brown: Many people may not remember this guy. He was our best DB on those terrible defenses when Marino was in the prime of his career.

I actually hated doing this list. I like most of the guys on it and rooted them on. Let me know who I missed and who I have miss-labeled.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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