All Time Under-rated Dolphin Team

It is the time of the year for lists. Working a firework building and waiting for customers so I thought I’d do another list of all-time teams for Miami. Last list was "blue-collar" fins. This one will be my all-time under-rated Dolphins. These are the guys we don’t hear much about or didn’t give much credit to, but man do we miss them now.

QB: Jay Fiedler: The "fiedler-on-the-roof" according to ESPN, drew the short stick of trying to follow up the golden boy of Miami. I loved how hard he played the game and thought he did a very solid job of giving us a chance to win several games.

RB: Lamar Smith: A guy that helped us win our last playoff game. He was a heck of a back that was soon forgotten due to the Ricky Williams-Ronnie Brown era of Miami football. I thought he played some very good football.

RB: Bernie Parmalee: Once a UPS guy, then a fan favorite. I loved watching him each game.

3rd down RB: Tony Nathan: One of best all-around backs (started the trend of passing to RB’s). Moved to fullback at times to help the team. Over shadowed by the Mark’s brothers, but he was vital to our success.

WR: Chris Chambers: I always felt he was a guy destined to do more, but he was a very solid WR, if we had a true #1 receiver opposite he would have been one of the best #2’s in the NFL.

WR: OJ McDuffie: He is only Phin to ever lead NFL in receptions in a season (’98). Injury shortened career. One of toughest guys to catch passes.

TE: Bruce Hardy: Thought about Keith Jackson here, but this guy may be the one we don’t think of as a great TE. Still holds team records at the spot.

OT: Richmond Webb: I know we all recognize how great he was, but not sure the rest of the NFL understood what a stud he was at LT.

OT: Bob Kuechenberg: Great player for Miami that doesn’t get credit he deserves outside the Phin family.

OG: Ed Newman: 4 time pro-bowler and I didn’t even know much about him until I started research on this team.

OG: Keith Sims: A personal favorite of mine. With him and Webb next to each other Marino had all day to throw passes.

C: Tim Ruddy: Played majority of Marino’s career. Was a very solid lineman during his career.

Now onto the defense. These guys are players that I think deserved much more recognition:

DE: Jeff Cross: Had 59.5 sacks for us. Unfortunately he is often overlooked by guys like Jason Taylor and Cam Wake.

DT: Manny Fernandez: 17 tackles in a superbowl win. Never played in a pro bowl.

NT: Tim Bowens: The guy that helped Zach Thomas play free of blockers and rack up huge stats.

DE: Trace Armstrong: Sack specialist. Although he benefited from Jason Taylor playing across from him, he managed 56.5 sacks as a Phin.

ILB: John Offerdahl: Had he played longer he would be a guy that everyone in the NFL knew. As it finished out he was outstanding in his short career.

ILB: Bob Brudzinki: Another "Killer B". Solid player on great unit.

OLB: AJ Duhe: One of greatest games ever played by a OLB in the AFC championship game. He had a great career as well.

OLB: Kim Bomamper: On the Killer "B" team. Solid player that doesn’t get much mention.

CB: Patrick Surtain: Took away most teams #1. Madison was more flash, he was more consistent.

CB: Terrell Buckley: Had a knack for big time INT’s. Then he knew what to do with the ball in his hands.

FS: Jake Scott: I know he gets some credit, but tough to be the "other" guy to wear #13. He was a stud back in the day.

SS: Yeremiah Bell: Great blue collar type player. He was a "solid" player, though never spectacular.

I know I chose 12 defensive players, but I felt this put the best guys on the team that I could. With us going back and forth from a 4-3 to a 3-4 I just felt best to include.

Go ahead and let me know how many of these guys I should have included.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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