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I've always held on to the notion that my online persona was a way for me to connect with others in reality. I've always been a Dolphins fan, OFF4L was born whenI joined The Phinsider. And, being lucky enough to travel around some with work that luck has lead me to meet many of our members. I've hide the fact that I suffer from the off-season blues on a yearly basis, which got me to thinking. I take a lot of pictures, just how many of The Phinsider's members have I captured in photos ?

The answer is more than a few. And as I browsed my photos I find that I cannot remember all the names or games as my memory muddles many of these events together. On the other hand, many of the events and names I do remember. So if you can to indulge me on a trip down memory lane, ....let the show begin.

I think the very 1st Phinsder I met was on the road at The Meadowland for a game vs The Jets. I believe his handle is "NJDolfan68",....I'm sure I'm way off. But what I do remember is drinking a few cold ones away from the crowds in the parking lot as his Brother busted our balls for liking the Dolphins and having some "online thing".


And while hanging out there we were joined for a short moment with another member. I believe his name was "SirlanceOlink", and that he was Dr from St Louis. Again,...I most likely am way, way off.


"MrMedic" was on leave from his tour in "The 'Stan" when I met him for the first time. We tailgated together for all of just over 90 minutes, but during that time we had a blast ! His Brother made the BEST hamburgers I've ever had. They were infused with onions, cheese, and "special" seasoning. Here we are doing our best Capt. Morgan Impression.


Who remembers "Fr8Train" ? I do, and frankly I miss his presence here. He is not afraid to speak his mind, be brutally honest, or engage in debate. While his was raised in the Miami area, he is now living in Columbus, Ohio. Which is a funny place to reside if one HATES the Buckeyes,....poor guy. We met for lunch when I came into town for a Buckeyes game and we got along perfectly.


I'm pretty sure I met Drew & Gino (left side of picture ) from The Phinsider and they are from the Youngstown area,...I think. One thing that I'm sure of, this was our first meeting and since we've met at like 5 games. And I'm sure I'll see them again this year in Buffalo, more on them later. Next to them is Larry, who goes by "Phintasic" on here. This too was our first meeting and since we've crossed paths like 3 times. And I hope to visit him again in the very near future as he resides in Texas, as do I for the next 2 months. This picture was taken in Buffalo,....


Why not ? Another with "Fr8Train" from a game in Cincy. File this under WTF !


Another member that has gone silent is "Zero13". He & and his girl came down from Chicago and we had a blast as well. Dinner at Bokamper's the night before, I pointed out some alumni to him, and a great tailgate was had. And who doesn't have a good time when a Dolphins marching band parades around the stadium ???


This guy is special, and I met him for the first time at NYC at DolFansNYC original home Third & Long on the Sunday prior to the group's first outing for MNF that year. There is nothing "Strange" about this guy, and we've also met up several times thus far.


When Kevin AKA "MrMedic" was discharged home I made it a point to meet him out while I was staying in Ft Lauderdale. We had a few drinks, and I got home well past 3AM. Yeah,...I got the stink eye from the Wifey, but I had a good time. FYI,...Kevin keeps getting more & more jacked up as he is a cross-fit coach, and I believe he just opened his own gym in Westin.


Here we have a mystery man, as I forget names all together. But for some reason I recall him rolling up and saying he was also from The Phinsider and wanted a pic with Mini Marino. Pretty sure it was my idea to feed him a beer,...


"BillMoody", and while this is his picture from his trip to KC I can tell you he resides in San Diego. And he made a Mini OFF4L,....and that is pretty damn cool in my book !


We also crossed paths in Cleveland a few years back.


More mystery men. Please state your name,....


This mystery man is in the military, and I believe he was currently stationed in Philly at the time this picture was taken as we were playing the Eagles that day. CHECK OUT HIS BAD-ASS SHIRT !!!


Taking a wild guess at his name,..."Finseminole" ( that is soooo wrong,...). But I remember he has a pop-up camper that he named "The Shula Shack".


He use to use the name "Mosul", now we all know him as Kevin. He is our trusted leader, and I met him for lunch not far from where he is stationed here in Texas. With any luck I will be able to return the favor and treat him to a meal.


Here is another member that resides in Austin, TX and reached out to me when I mentioned I would be in the area. While his name escapes me I can tell you that he is a pool shark. We met at a pool hall called oddly enough Fast Eddie's ( which was my Grandpa's nickname). He also is a manger at a local hotel and got me a great deal on a room for another weekend trip we made back to the area. I hope he reads this and comments,....not for a discounted room, but for another get together as we plan another trip there before we head back to Ohio.


Like I've mentioned, I've met up with "Strange" several times. And on this occasion we were joined by "TunaFlipper" at DolFansNYC 2nd outting to the Jets game.


Best picture ever !


My man partied hard at his first Dolphins game,....while on his honeymoon. I forgot his name too, even though he has told me more than once. Please accept my apologizes.


"DaytonaDolfan" is nothing short of a class act as well. I know I live a Dolphins "lifestyle", the same as many others too. Well, when I cross paths with other like minded fans, it just warms my heart ! I hope to make another visit to Joe's place after the Jacksonville game,'ve been warned.


Always liking to leave my mark, I busted out my Buckeye flag. Joe quipped, "this is killing me, I'm a die-hard 'Noles fan". My bad, But he had the last laugh as his team went on to become National Champs.


I want to say his name is Ryan, and we got together when he joined my group that went to the HOF game. We also briefly crossed paths last year week 2 at Indy. I think he stays in Fort Wayne, IN ???


Serge takes the art of chilling out to the next level,....and that is a fact. Originally from the Miami area he now calls the Detroit area home. He too was at the HOF game. I also believe we crossed paths prior to that game as well.


Chris Barker, while I'm not sure if he ever posts on here, he often puts our links on his Facebook page. He is truly a "Super" fan going to all home and away games.


COACH K & TOMMY,....we had a blast last year in Cleveland.


And here is the proof !


I mentioned Drew & Gino. Well last year at Indy I met their Mother too. Megan their Sister I had met a year before in Miami. That night out was epic ! I got in a 4AM and was up by 7AM,...and the Dolphins won in fine fasshion. The drive home,....MURDER ! But worth it,...


So,...I'm standing in the "revamped" Deep End, which is a corner of the field. And I hear someone shouting "OHIO". I go over and he says " I'm Dave21 from The Phinsider and I want to say hi. I'm glad he did and with any luck I'll see him again this season.


That's it, that's all I got,....for now. But if I know anything, its that I'm sure I'll meet more of you this year. It could be in Chicago, maybe Buffalo. Maybe Joe will show up in Jacksonville. Then of course there is the last 5 games. All I know is I still hate the off-season, and I'm totally ready for another years Dolphins adventures to begin. Until then, be well and have a great summer !



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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