Dolphins Picks in Mocking the Draft

Hello Phinsider fans. I was piloting Miami through the draft, I had multiple trades, and despite a massive gaffe in the 3rd round, still believe I delivered multiple players who can start for the team.

Team Strategy:

To get to the playoffs, we need to protect Tannehill better.


Tannehill has a good release time, but is not yet skilled enough to massively cut his sack numbers (ala Drew Brees or Manning). As a result, priority #1 was OLineman. When your priority is OLine, you need to tie up top 3 round picks, because big guys with good feet are almost all drafted by rd 4. Given that I expected the top 3 OL to be off the board by pick 19 (they of course were), that meant working a trade down into rd 2/3 to get more picks and target the next tier of guys at their value level. Why overpay?
Defense: my goal was to land a LB, and then use the late round picks to slurp up falling talent at the deep DT or DB positions.

1st I picked up Andre Holmes as part of a massive Raiders deal.

We trade away our 1st, 4th, and 6th round picks. We received their 2nd, 3rd, 7th, Andre Holmes and a future round 3 picks. First player acquired: Andre Holmes
Voted to Andy Benoit's All emerge team he was the most fun reason to watch a Raiders game at the end of last season.



"The 25-year-old entered the league as an undrafted rookie in 2011 and bounced around the camps and practice squads of the Vikings, Cowboys and Patriots for two years before latching on with the Raiders in 2013. He played 10 games, averaged 39 snaps and finished with 25 receptions for 431 yards, flashing tremendous raw playmaking talent (you probably saw his 136-yard performance at Dallas on Thanksgiving). It’s hard to figure how a 6-4, 225-pounder with an NBA-caliber vertical leap and such dexterous body control toiled in anonymity for so long, but if the Raiders find someone who can consistently throw downfield (a big if), Holmes won’t stay anonymous much longer." We have a better solution for Holmes: put him on a better roster.

Given that Tannehill can throw and we're upgrading the OLine, Holems will be a fit. I valued him at a 2nd round pick value, and paid about 170 points of NFL draft chart value from him. Further, if you use an AV method and a 20% dicount rate for the future 3rd, we crushed Oakland on this pick.
Trad 2: We trade our 3rd for JAX 4,4,5
--I know the middle and back rounds very well, and this is the perfect spot for running backs, dbacks and players with round 1/2 talent but are problem children.
--Even points on the NFL trade chart, massive upgrade on the AV chart. For reference, this is the AV Chart:

Onto the picks
Rd 2: Gabe Jackson OG, Miss State


Gabe Jackson is the top gaurd on my board. I didn't mind drafting him a 10-15 picks higher than most expected him to go, because I expect him to start as a rookie. A highly targetted road grader out of Mississippi state, Gabe is a big powerful man who punishes people with his blocking style. Athletic enough, his calling card is being able to get his monster frame to the defender at which point a strong punch, size, and raw power get the job done.

Rd 2: Ja'Wuan James OT, Tenn
Though he played RT do to "Tiny" Richardson starting across from him, at 6'6 and a good athlete, James mixes prototypical size with impressive athleticism. While not yet the dominance level of Taylor Lewan, he has some polish on top of a ridiculous amount of athleticism for a big man. There is no training for feet this good ona 6'6 300+ pound man.
Rd 3
Our Co-GM was drafting on Saturday (with my account). He had a client meeting the moment this pick hit, and we got stuck with some undraftable scrub. Apologies. For what its worth, our top player on the board was Chris Borland, ILB. And I also would've been happy had we nabbed the backup QB I really wanted (more on that later).
Round 4 Colt "Cokey" Lyerla, Jail
Taking a page from the Cincinatti Bengals, I decided to scout out prison yard football teams. Hi-res-f3e91df75ffb5b325caade2688329c0a_crop_north_medium


He is a very highly rated TE prospect whose skill on the field pops out on tape. Unlike most versatile guys, he can play WB/TE/H-Back all with pro-bowl caliber ceiling. "He’d be a good fit in any offense that wants a tight end with big play ability and the skill to play in five different positions on the field." ~Matt Waldman
(Sidenote, the RSP is a great read and if you wish to see his rating and pagelong writeup, buy the whole thing).

Yawin Smallwood, ILB Conn
The top #4 ILB on our board after Chris Borland politely falls to us in the middle of rd 4. A fast 6'2 guy, Yawin likes to mix it up. His knock is that he can get fooled by Play Action and doesn't yet have the fastest reactions. However, he was still highly productive in college, and he has upsdie for a staff that can keep him in the film room for extra study.

Marion Grice, RB AZState


The best receiving back in the draft, despite not being all that fast. Marion Grice does everything very well. He is good at blocking, and will help fix breakdowns when called to on passing downs. His all-business running style has some nice moves but is very skilled at taking what is available with pads down and legs pushing into defenders. He has the short-yardage skill of an old-school RB, but just enough athleticism and highly polished receiving skills to make him a perfect weapon in a modern offense. He was the second RB on our draft board, because I was looking for players that could do three things he could do well: 1) Short Yardage Running 2) Pass Protection 3) Receiving Skills.
This meshes with our team philosophy of improving the blocking, and his running style keeps the offense on schedule. He was a monster at finding the endzone when he touched the football, despite the lack of flash you see from Lache Seastrunk or Tre Mason (neither of whome can block). He is the kindof name that makes the back rounds very relevant for a team.

Rd 7 Deion Belue, DB Bama
A fast, athletic DB, Belue has had some injury struggles. However, a healthy version of him is an NFL caliber DB with the versatility to play Safety or CB. He is very worth a 7th round flyer and had a 5th round grade on our draft board.

Kofi Hughes, WR Ind
A big 6-2, 217lb receiver. He is the kindof gift I was looking for in round 7. We have a round 4 grade on him, as a big bodied guy with great deep ball skills and the ability to destroy would-be tacklers. Kofi_hughes_ball_state_v_indiana_dvdmucgdeuhl_medium


Speaking of breaking Tackle, Matt Waldman suggests: "[Hughes's] promise is most evident once Hughes catches the football. There are numerous examples of Hughes running through the grasp of a defender from every angle: high, low, and even odd angles that send many a receiver to the ground. Hughes also bounces off hits. If he has time to drop his pads and attack a defender, good luck scraping that guy off the turf." ~
(again I highly recomend the RSP for the avid draft and fantasy football fan).
Something of a project, he needs to develop better skills at getting off press coverage and more polished routes. I would expect him to be a strong contributor by year 2 (exactly the kindof thing we want from our Rd 7 picks).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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