Deep in the Heart of Texas,...& looking for DolFans in DFW

The adventure continues, and this time Ft Worth, Texas is the place. And if i know one thing, it's that there are Miami Dolphins fans everywhere, even here in the heart of Cowboys territory. Why on my very 1st day in town I was a guy in his mid 20's jogging down the road sporting a Fins hat ! How cool I thought. And it was a few days later I hooked up with a local cyclist that I met over the Winter while he was visiting his In-laws down in Ft Myers. FL. We had a nice mellow ride where we chatted the whole time. Chilly Billy is nickname and he is a local racer here here in Fort Worth.


Chilly Billy is super fast, and super cool. He has given me plenty of insight in to the local bike scene and I'm sure to hooking up with him while I'm here. During our ride we talked about all things cycling. And of course we also chatted about personal stuff too,....where ya from, are ya married, & the such. So imagine my surprise when he goes, " ya know I'm a Dolphins fan too. When we are done riding I'll show you my man cave". I thought how cool is this and I couldn't wait to see just what he was talking about.

Well,...take a look for yourself.


He doesn't have four Marino jerseys, he has six ( two are not pictured ) !!! He is from San Antonio and a former college basketball player, also a huge Spurs fan. I personally love the fact that he has an extra bike that he keeps on his indoor trainer ( the same bike bike that he rode 600 miles to Mexico with in a 7 day span,....that's BAD-ASS !).

Who doesn't like a Dolphins fathead surrounded by all kinds of cycling awards & mementos. And another Marino jersey, the sixth is hid by his TV.


Needless to say, I felt right at home there. FYI,...he did bust out a hat with the new logo,


After having the experience I did last Summer with Marc "Norcal Dolfan" in the San Fran, I got to thinking why not try to pull that off here in the Dallas/FtWorth area !!!

Atop Mt Diablo


At The Golden Gate Bridge


So if you are in the area reach out to me,, Email, twitter, or facebook. If you know somebody, send them my way. Details are there are no details. My thought is a family oriented gathering at Cowboys Stadium. But it can be anywhere in the area, I am totally open to suggestions and will go with a majority rules point of view. White Rock Lake is also a nice place. Hell,...I believe "Prime Time" & 'The Playmaker" still live in the area,....lets go to their house,

All I know is that I got a big ass flag, I want a group pic with as many Dolfans as possible, and off to Twitterland it goes !!! Straight to @MiamiDolphins,....

And perhaps a fanpost too,...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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