Bold Predictions for 2014 Dolphins

Here are my WAY TOO EARLY predictions for next season for Miami:

1) Ryan Tannehill becomes... "the guy" for our franchise. I predict 4,000 yards and 28+ TD's with under 12 INTS. With great protection this year and hopefully some roll out passing game he will excel. I also think he rushes for 300+ yards.

2) The number 1 WR for Miami is...Mike Wallace. I think the new OC uses him the way he should be used. I understand he is a 1-2 trick pony. But those 2 tricks are rare. I see him at 1,000+ yards and 10+ TD's.

3) Our top rookie will be...Jawan James. Probably the easiest prediction, but I see the kid starting all 16 games and playing solid football.

4) Our most disapointing rookie will be...OT from 3rd round. Think he will end up playing catch-up all season to the speed of the game and wll sit behind Thomas/Brenner at guard.

5) Our "breakout" player of the year will be...Moreno. Think he has 900+ yards rushing and 500+ receiving. While Miller plays well, I see Moreno taking more and more snaps from him.

6) We will cut a veteran that we thought would never happen in camp. My pick...Wheeler. I know the cap hit will be big (I think $5 million), but I think we send the message that you must produce.

7) Dion Jordan will start and play 70% of OUTSIDE LINEBACKER for Wheeler. Maybe a hybrid 4-3/3-4 look on defense, but I think we figure out how to get him on the field.

8) The corner who will start opposite Grimes is...Jamar Taylor. I think he has a big year for us as he is healthy now for the first time.

9) Michael Vick will start...6 games for the Jets. But only because he get hurt. Geno is pulled by week 3-4 and then put back in after Vick is hurt.

10) EJ Manuel will be on the bench by week...9. Buffalo will have way too high expectations with their skill players and he won't be able to produce.

11) Tom Brady or Peyton Manning will get hurt this season.

12) Miami will win...10 games and make it in as a wild card.

13) After this season another veteran will get cut we never saw coming. It will be...Brian Hartline as the rookie moves into his role.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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