Dolphins Draft Plan Is Working

It's easy to see what Hickey is doing in this draft. The Dolphins #1 priority this off season was to keep Tannehill upright in pass protection and see if he can become the QB we all want to see. Hickey has done that in spades.

Taking James at 19 to anchor the RT spot was the correct choice. There are no deficiencies in this player's resume. He is a rock at RT, no injury concerns, stellar pass blocker, high character, and Miami didn't have to move up to get him. We got one of two realistic RTs in the first round without disqualifying issues such as injury or work ethic concerns. The other being Martin, but we would have had to trade up to get him. Draft grade A

Taking Turner in the 3rd round was a measured response to Su'a Filo and Bitonio being taken early in the second round. Since there were no other guards worth taking in the second round, this freed Miami to trade back to acquire picks.

Turner was a well thought out backup plan. We get the 3rd best Guard at the right point in the draft. This is a high character player with a non-stop motor. He dominated his competition in college, more than held his own in the Senior Bowl, and had very good workouts. He has been extremely durable and has NFL bloodlines. He is very gifted athletically and that covers up his only real weakness, and that is somewhat sloppy technique. That is not as big of a deal at G, especially in a zone blocking scheme where the line works more as a team mentality. I couldn't find a single red flag for this guy anywhere. I expect Turner to be an absolute monster at G for the Dolphins for the next decade. Draft grade A+

Not only have the Dolphins revamped the line, they revamped the culture with the offense line this off season by picking up high character players that excel in pass blocking. Albert at LT, Turner at LG, Pouncy at C, Smith at RG, James at RT. The offensive line is now a position of strength for the Dolphins for the foreseeable future.Tannehill will not be on his back anywhere nearly as much as last year.

Landry at WR was a bit of a surprise. He would seem to be the best fit in the slot where he can face safeties, nickel corners, and the occasional linebacker where he can use his ball skills to be productive in tight coverage. Catches pretty much everything that comes his way. I expect him to push Gibson for playing time this year. Draft grade B-

Hickey understands that the Dolphins will live and die with Tannehill and his entire Draft plan is designed around giving our QB all the tools he can to succeed.

Here are some of my day 3 picks to watch:

Kevin Norwood at WR. He has an uncanny ability to adjust to the football in tight man coverage. He also runs a sub 4.5 40. I'd have rather seen Miami take a defensive player in the second round and picked up Norwood day 3. Who knows, maybe they still will!

Isaiah Crowell RB. Crowell runs with amazing pad level reminiscent of Edgerrin James. Crowell also has great footwork and hasn't taken a beating in college because he is smart enough to save his body for the NFL.

Marion Grice RB. The best receiving back in this class with very good pass blocking skills. The most under rated RB in the draft.

James Wilder RB. This guy is just violent, but has crazy good balance. It won't happen with Miami, but this player would be my go to for short yardage situations.

Colt Lyerla TE. If it wasn't for his off the field issues, he would have been drafted by now. It is entirely possible that he goes undrafted. I doubt Miami wants to deal with any player that has even a hint of off the field issues, but if they were to consider one player that had issues, this is that player. Very similar skill set to Aaron Hernandez and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see New England take him and have great success.

I don't expect Miami will do much on the defensive side of the ball and will sprinkle in some more OL picks for depth.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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