Pick Your Tackle Game

So I'm bored waiting for the draft to arrive and I decided to put together a little game. I give you 5 potential draft choices, all at the same position, with some of their measurables from the combine or their proday and also I added some random quotes / critiques from their scouting reports at from their rookie year. You won't have any game tape to help you find your team's new Left Tackle, just the limited info below. These players range all over the spectrum from pro bowlers, rookies to dissapointments. I'll give a brief summary of each mystery player and the poll will be at the bottom for u to pick one for your team. The identities of each player I will post in the comment section, no cheating! Leave a comment on who you ended up with. Disclaimer: this is just for fun, no need to psychoanalyze each statistic and fact check it with the library of congress, again it's just for fun! Good Luck!




6' 8" - 313 lbs - 5.27 40. Time - 30 reps - 4.60 20yd Shuttle - 101" broad jump - 29.5" vertical

Strengths : Mauler who out works his opponent and has a mean streak to him. Good frame and long arms. Good footwork that's enhanced even more by his quick jump off the line of scrimmage. Comes from long line of good, solid lineman

Weaknesses: Could benefit from adding more weight to frame, needs to work on lower body strength,


6' 7" 309 lbs - 4.87 - 29 - 4.50 - 117" - 30.5"

Strengths : clean kick slide in pass protection. good knee bend, footwork, balance and recovery. Is seldom on the ground. Plays with intensity

Weaknesses : not a gritty, physical finisher. Lower body too lean and doesn't explode on contact. Can be inverted by power moves. Could do better job of recognizing outside blitz. Weak hands.


6' 7" 313 lbs - 5.22 - 37 - 4.73 - 102" - 27.5"

Strengths : thick frame, good upper muscle. Shows good quickness. Take charge type leader, plays with mean streak, technically sound. Good quickness and body control.

Weaknesses : tight in the hips, lacking ideal lateral agility in kick slide. Can struggle when having to immediately change direction. Needs to show better explosion off line. Allows inside penetration.


6' 5" - 312 lbs - 5.27 - 20 - 4.6 - 104" - 30"

Strengths : prototypical starting skills,, missed just 2 games and is extremely tough. Carries weight well and is most technically sound Tackle in draft. Smooth, efficient pass set. Powerful and aggressive against the run. Possess all the traits, nfl ready.

Weakness: tendency to pop upright on contact, is not a violent puncher, punches can slow his feet down, can get slanted off balance. Could use more strength


6' 7" - 322 lbs - 5.46 - 22 - 4.84 - 106" - 31"

Strengths : Terrific size. Long arms to push rushers wide - day trip for defenders to run arc on. Has ability to drop anchor and stymie bull rush. Flashes ability to bury defenders. Physically gifted but raw.

Weaknesses : carries hands low, heavy legs at times, average balance at contact. Footwork and hand use need to be coached up.

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