Confessions of a Delusional Fan

My inability to be critical of the Dolphins falls in line with how every parent thinks their baby is beautiful, or at least say it anyway. Nearly every year I find a way to convince myself that " this is the year!". I usually go about this by overlooking when the Dolphins ignore positional needs in the off-season, as well as the players they let go. On the other hand, I get a full head of steam from the players they do sign, and then proceed to look up their first round draft pick's highlights reel and say to everyone who will listen; " This is the one!".

In my defense, it is near impossible to watch this and not get overly excited:

Ultimate Dion Jordan Highlights | HD (via TheFootballman175)

Last year was perhaps my worst case of what I call "Dolphins Dementia" in recent memory. A few days after the draft, I seriously believed that they could win the Super Bowl, at 40 to 1 odds no less. In retrospect, I may have spent too much time staring at the sun. This was in spite of the fact that virtually no credible analyst had the Dolphins posting a better better than 9-7, most going with 8-8. I think the greatest optimist for the Dolphins last year was none other than ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who had the Dolphins winning the AFC East.

My inferiority complex with the Dolphins can be attributed to my time living in Boston. Patriots fans are some of the most arrogant and insufferable humans to ever walk the earth in my humble opinion. They associate their team's success to how strong and important they think they are, which is a sad thing. That is not to say I don't respect the Patriot's achievements, they are a well run franchise, but I still can hate them, and their awful fans. I'm going to stop ranting about the Patriots, but seeing them lose in the playoffs every year in grandeur fashion since 2005 has been a pleasure.

I received a refreshing taste of what I knew too well last December, when I was at the Dolphins home game vs the Patriots. This was the first game I'd made it out to since late 2006, when the Dolphins put up 7 points against the damn Jets. When I got to Sun Life, the first thing I noticed was that about 1 in 3 people were wearing patriots gear, ( being generous by going with that figure).


I'm not going to lie, I didn't like seeing that at all. But in the end, it made it all the more sweeter when the sunburned bums got sent home with a loss.


Obviously that game ended well for the Dolphins faithful, and our false hope climaxed at that exact point. The bullying scandal didn't matter, the awful O-Line didn't matter, and Ryan Tannehill showed glimpses of an elite Quarterback, by throwing 3 touchdowns to go with no interceptions. As Richie Incognito so eloquently put it:

A victory against the Patriots is sweet for any Dolphins fan, let alone me. Alas, one would hope at 8-6, fresh off beating the Patriots at home in dramatic fashion, a winning season at the very least was a lock. But that's all history now, no use crying over lost seasons as they say.

The point is, regardless of what Omar Kelly says about how to be a fan, you choose in the end how much to emotionally invest in the Dolphins. I've seen the lowest of the lows, and hope to live to witness the highest of the highs. To me, there is no other sports team I care about half as much as the Dolphins, (Not an NBA guy). There are times when I wish that wasn't the case, but that doesn't make it any less true. I'm not sure how the Dolphins will do this year, but I'm confident they will improve on 8-8, God willing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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