5 Takeaways from Dennis Hickey’s Interview

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Incumbent Dolphins General Manager, Dennis Hickey, took part in an interview with WQAM-560 Tuesday morning. Lets check out the five key points from the interview.

To suggest this offseason is huge is an understatement. It's imperative Dennis Hickey comes out of the gates fast. Another season of failure, and it's probable both himself and Joe Philbin will be looking for their next paycheck.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the five major points coming out of the recent interview with WQAM-560, as the Dolphins prepare for a crucial draft.

1. Technology to be embraced by the Miami Dolphins

In case you missed it, the Dolphins now have a fully-fledged department specifically allocated to number crunching. Analytics is nothing new to NFL teams. Teams have used it, for example, to calculate the average salary of a defensive lineman that only plays two downs of football. However it's very new territory when using it as a key tool to assess potential draft picks. While Dolphins scouts will still be evaluating talent on tape, this has the potential to be cutting edge. How precisely will the team use it? No one is quite sure. Lets just hope it improves our performance on draft day.

2. Draft players that make an impact

Dennis Hickey wants the upper-echelon players he drafts to make an instant impact, especially the first round pick. That's not surprising considering the Dolphins have to win, and quickly.

3. Draft players that will be successful in the long-term

While the above is true, it also needs to be balanced with players that will have a future with the franchise for the long-term. Does that rule out players with a history of injuries? C.J. Mosley does spring to mind.

4. The Miami organization's confidence in 2013 third overall pick Dion Jordan

Big things were expected when Miami traded up in the 2013 NFL Draft to acquire Dion Jordan, an athletic freak with the potential to wreak havoc on defense. Unfortunately for Jordan, a shoulder injury limited his impact in year one. Expect bigger things for the defensive end with a full preseason under his belt. This front office and coaching staff still have confidence in him. Jordan won't be going anywhere soon.

5. First pick won't necessarily be spent on the most glaring need on the roster

Arguably the two biggest needs on this roster right now are the inside linebacker and offensive tackle positions. Other considerations are tight end and offensive guard. But will the team use their first round pick on their most glaring need? Not according to Dennis Hickey. The first-year general manager and his team will be placing a value on a player, and then drafting the best player available. It's a smart move when trying to build a successful franchise.

What did you make of the interview with Dennis Hickey? Did it shed more light onto how the front office will operate? Lets hear your views!

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