Phly Phishing: RB #1

Welcome PhinNation, my name is PhlyPhin747 (Fly-Fin-747), and I want to take you all Phly Phishing. So much has been debated about what the Dolphins should do at the top of the upcoming draft that I decided to focus on the bottom of the draft.

I will be writing a series of stories introducing you to guys that are not projected high in the draft, most of whom that the experts consider to be Fliers in the latter rounds. My intention is to show the talent at the bottom of the draft in hopes that will assist some in creating a much clearer picture at the top of the draft. Therefore, if you think we need a RB in the draft, but you want a MLB in the 2nd or 3rd, you will have a RB option in the 5th or 6th.

I will begin our series with a #1 RB, whether or not he is a #1 RB, is not for me to determined yet. I am merely stating that he wore the number 1. Most of you will assume that I'm speaking of Dri Archer of Kent State, who ran a 4.2/40. Although Dri looks very fast even on instant replay, he is a mere 173 lbs, and most NFL teams may shy away from drafting him as a feature RB. No, the RB I'm thinking of actually played QB for the Georgia Southern Eagles.

I'd like to introduce to you all Jerick McKinnon a QB for GSU who runs a double wing, triple option offense, similar to what Georgia Tech is known for. Below I put together a chart with some of the top backs in this years draft and you shall see that McKinnon has the height and size of the best featured backs plus the speed, quickness and shiftiness of a complementary back such as a Dri Archer.

Player Height Weight 40yd time 10yd split vertical
Jerick McKinnon 5'9 209 4.35 1.46 40.5
Dri Archer 5'8 173 4.28 1.46 38
Bishop Sankey 5'9 209 4.47 1.59 35.5
Ka'Deem Carey 5'9 207 4.62 1.59 32.5
Tre Mason 5'8 207 4.44 1.50 38.5

As some of you may have noticed, I omitted the bench press from the chart above. This was intentional because I thought it might be unfair to the other backs, therefore I pitted McKinnon against some of the highly rated O-linemen instead in the chart below.

Player Height Weight Bench Reps
Jerick McKinnon 5'9 209 32
Greg Robinson 6'5 332 32
Jake Matthews 6'5 308 24
Taylor Lewan 6'7 309 29
Zach Martin 6'4 308 29

Accolades, yes he has quite a bit but I'm going to touch on just a few. He ended his career with 3,899 yards, which is 3rd on the list at GSU which topped by a RB, Adrian Peterson. In addition to his 2013 yards per game average of 105 yards he also averaged 129.8 ypg in 2012 and finished with 1,817 yds which is again 3rd on the list for GSU single season record again topped by Adrian Peterson. I remind you McKinnon plays QB.

This concludes the measurable for those who like stats. Now for the eye-testers.

Jerick McKinnon's 40-yard dash (via National League Fans (NFL))

Oh there's more, in which he gashed Central Arkansas last year for 316 yards in a playoff game in 2012. This season he hit the Citadel with 198 yards and Chattanooga with 172 yards. Yes, I know, I know, these are not the big boys so let's look at that. In 2012 they played the Georgia Bulldogs in which he ran for 110 yds, this season (2013) he put up 125 yds against the Florida Gators and led GSU with their first win over a BCS squad, while playing on a bad ankle.

If you want a back who can turn the corner, he can do it. If want a guy who can run up the gut, he can; if you want a who can catch and turn up, he can; if you need a RB to go into the teeth of the defense and get yards after contact, he can. If you seek a player with vision who can for second level defenders, he can; if you need a man to get you points in the red zone running north and south, he can. Even if you want a player to re-invent the Wildcat, he can. Ahh, just check this out.

Georgia Southern Football - 2013 - Jerick McKinnon (via GATAOneMoreTime)

This guy is no joke, so if you don't get your RB by the 4th round, Jerick McKinnon baby, Jerick McKinnon.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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