This is one way we can go, trade partner Houston

Tannehill for Houston's #1 overall add there #2nd rd pick plus next years #1st rd pick. Really the whole draft this year will need to fall rite once again. Tannehill is an established QB, if you want to believe this or not. He will not need a year or two groaming with the offense, as a Rookie will need coming in to a new program. Some of Houstons Texans Defense are getting old, already there may be a need for urgency after last years Debacle with there experienced QB last year Shuab is not the man. Now Tannehill is from Texas and will sell seats in Houston.

So with our #1 pick we are on the clock, we look at #6 pick team the Atlanta Falcons. So they are the perfect team to trade down with, again this has to fall rite. But why on "Gods Green Earth" do we let the St louis Rams get better & better without throwing our hat into the ring?

If the bottom falls out we are stuck with Clowney, oh that's a great thing though as he will make our young defense superior. Only cause he is the very best player in this draft for the next ten years. But Atlanta, wants him & will be willing to trade up to get him, They will be willing to part with a 1st, 2nd, & 2 6th's. So follow me here we now have two #1's, three #2's, along with 3 #6thes including our own. Dare we trade down again um why not. Are any of you my family following me on this Helter Skelter ride, i'm going on?

I know what your saying but Tannehill is the good's & Houston Texans knows this to be true so we could be sitting #6 for Greg Robinson, or Jack Mathews, stay with me a bit longer. The Lions are ten & Tampa is sitting (7) not playing there guy is Greg Robinson, so the trade is only one spot, but it lands us huge again we coup a third & a fifth rder so Jake Mathews is who we settle with but we have no QB. Wait just a second there's more oh yes.

Understandable this is all got to work out without a hitch, what is not my fortay, i love all you my Phinsiders but you must believe there is a close to this, and here it is. Detroit is still there at 10 but the Titans are at 11 and we let it be known we are looking for a #1 draft pick next year. Detroit gives a #1 next year, a second & a 6th rd pick. This year Miami is sitting at ten & take Taylor Lewan. We are setting (19) & Hickey is God-like in his first year.

Oh with our 3 #1 picks 'we ship two #1's" off to New Orleans take our TE we should have gotten in the Draft if not for Tunna's Blindness in the draft that year. Real good thing it was not (Mark Bavaro) or i wish it was. Bavaro was taken in the 4th rd pick 100 by the Giants. After all is said & done We draft Conner Shaw with our #1 pick at (19) we could get him in the 4th rd also that is where he is projected to go.

Oh were waiting for pick #19 in this years draft. we will need a QB. & any way we look at it Moore & Devlin has got to deliver err Steep-up become managers. As it is i think Moore has more talent then Trent Dilpher, whom has a Superbowl ring & Dan Marino, does not. Umm i want Miami's defense feared once again. If were feared then we can win the next Super-bowl. Oh i would like to get the linebacker from the Florida team, unless Mosley is there.

*******************************WZB lets go Miami******************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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