Dolphins Lifestyles,...Inked Up

Another offseason,....players, coaches, & executives coming & going all over the the league. And now all the hype about the draft, which IMO, is a calculated guessing game at best. You just never now how a player either drafted or FA is going to work out. Year in & year out, round & round it goes,...every year different. But what never changes ? The fans,...and some fans have permanently altered their body in going all "next level" and getting inked up.

With the #OffseasonBlues in full effect I got to thinking about all the different fans I've met from so many different places. And one of things I have been trying to capture more of is Miami Dolphins tattoos, so I decided to search for their pictures in my library and recall the stories.

Me first,...I got mine 8 years ago while on a 10 day vacation in Fort Lauderdale. It was a great trip ! Two back to back Dolphins games, got engaged, met both Zac Thomas ( as he was leaving practice) & Don Shula ( public appearance at some outdoor mall ), and I got a brand new tattoo. My tattoo strategy was simple,...go big.


I can remember the excitement of arriving in Florida for our first Winter here 7 years ago, and too came the excitement of taking home games on a regular basis. Back then we didn't hang in any one spot or ebven tailgate with anybody. The only person I knew was not into socializing, he was all about player pics & autographs. I spotted this fellow while walking around at one of those early games Cohyfvo_medium

From what I remember he was from Atlanta or the Carolinas, and huge Jason Taylor & Zac Thomas fan as they bookended his piece, along with the Miami skyline along the front. He too went big !

I met Ken on at least two occasions, the first being In Cincy on Halloween weekend and he is from North Carolina. DolFans from all parts showed and we had one hell of a costume party the night before. Marco also made the pic as he liked to show up with a fancy haircut ( and also rip people off,... bogus Ebay scam artist that eventually got found out & exiled).


Jon from the old Deep End crew representing hard, the paint washes off the badass forearm tat does not !


My first year in the Deep End this guy was around, I never got his name and I wondered whatever happened to him because I liked his style. And yes,...he is rocking a black Dolphins helmet too,...


You might know this next guy, he IS The Maniac !




The Deep End was truly a special time for me. I remember chatting with this guy who again came from out of town, bought his ticket on purpose as close to the section as possible, then showed up and got painted up. Of course he was already inked up ! He smile says it all,...Dolphins,....all day, everyday !


What would this post be without a visit from Mini Marino ? And how about those crazies from DolFansNYC ? Nate is one of the founders of that group and has a little Dolphins ink,...#13 in the house !


His grill is cool, but his tat is cooler, a mile !


This goes under the I wasn't expecting that file,...

The Wife & I were taking in the MLK Museum in Memphis, TN when this guy rolled up on me saying he liked my tat. As it turns out, he had one of his own as well. I believe he hailed from South Dakota,....maybe Iowa. Not certain, but it was someplace that one wouldn't think of tattooed Dolfans being from. #MarinoEffect


More M.M. & tattoos. Here is The Eagle Tat-Man. He is covered head to toe & front to back with Philadelphia Eagles tattoos. I met him in Canton, Ohio at The PFUFA ( Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association) tailgate party.

. Vubqkvx_medium


If you've ever read any of my posts, then you know Villi. He came to America from Romania landing in Miami before moving onward to Virginia. He too is proudly inked up !


Then there was this one day when this guy showed up sporting The Phin Addicts logo The Fighting Fin. Lsimreb_medium

This immediately called for all tatted up Dolfans to gather for a group photo. I count 8 crazy mofos !!!


A Dolphins tattoo & a Dolphins prosthetic ! Yup I was getting in that pic !!!



And then there was last Summer, that is when I finally met Marc "Norcal Dolfan". Not only did I meet him, I got to hang with him on more than one occasion. He is one the most righteous fans I have ever met and I could go on at length about about some of his deeds but I'll just stick to the tattoos. Which he has two,....




And on our adventure to the top of Mt Diablo we encountered yet another Inked up Dolfan ( in the San Fran area ????),....


A fellow Phinsider in Cleveland,.....take a bow Coach,...


And another,...


Bumped that we don't have a clean shot of Tommy kissing his tat, but these are the Dolphins tats from last seasons opener in Cleveland. 8 more crazies !!!


The following week in Indy in front of the team's hotel I found more inked up fans.


And while cruising the tailgating lots before the game I found another,....from Chicago ( I think ).


So that's it, but I wonder how many more thousands of Miami Dolphins tattoos are out there. Whats the story behind them ? I know there out there, the back of EDove's head, of Dolphin Douche on Twitter. Hell I seen a new logo, black&white that covers one half of some dudes ribcage that is HUGE on the FB somewhere. So if you got one show it off and tell us your story,....

What else are you going to do,..analyze 1000 mock drafts from every Tom, Dick, & Harry,....

F that ! Go get a new tattoo,...a new "Dolphins" tattoo !!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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