Does the NFL and the NFL Media Have it In For The Dolphins?

In a comment to the post about who to believe regarding stories that Dion Jordan as well as Cameron Wake and Mike Wallace would be traded, I made the following comment, in part:

"...I stress again (as a media critic), that this year it is the Dolphins whom the NFL (yes I mean Goodell here as well) and its media minions at CBS (LaCanfora), NBC (Florio and now Gantt) and ABC (that is, ESPN and Walker and others) are aiming to crucify mostly because of BullyGate (did Florio for instance ever get bullied in school? maybe), but also because the NFL and its minions are tired of hearing year after year that the 1972 Dolphins are the NFL’s only udefeated-untied team in history. I truly believe that this is being DELIBERATELY DONE by the media and the NFL to bring the Dolphins as low as possible to the point where they can never rise again (and, oh, yea, they play in same division as Pats and Jets)..."

There were several replies to that comment, and, as I sort of expected, some suggested that this was "conspiracy theory." Fine. Maybe it is, but I am not a "conspiracy theory" person and believe in truth, not just "theory." Maybe I am reading and listening to the wrong folks, but let me explain why I believe what I do.

About a month ago (before the Super Bowl) I was web surfing and came up Brian Touhy's "The Fix is In" website that of course promotes his book but also provides info that (being someone who likes to read sports history) I already knew: the NFL was begun in part by gambling interests aided by organized crime. Some of the early prominent NFL team-owning people included folks involved with gambling and point-spread fixing, including the Rooneys (Steelers) and Maras (Giants). Touhy's premise is that today the NFL hierarchy has ran with that and in some cases (not all) is involved with rigging outcomes, especially regarding playoffs and playoff hunts. What I got out of it was that sometimes the NFL rigged results to overcompensate for unfairness based on bad calls by officials--which could be (I have no proof though) a result of gambling interests wanting to rig games...could it be gambling interests perhaps bribe officials? It seemed to me that what he was saying was (and he has video to prove it) that the officials called some very bad calls on the 49ers in the NFC Champ game which gave Seattle the edge to win, to overcompensate for bad calls made during their Super Bowl 40 loss to the Steelers in 2006. He also suggested that the main reason New England hasn't won a Super Bowl in many years despite being a perennial contender was to punish them for Spygate; apparently officials may have been bribed to give the Giants a hand in both their wins over the Pats. If Touhy is right, then the NFL just might be rewarding teams for whatever reason it chooses.

Now when I said the NFL might be deliberately trying to bring the Dolphins low to the point of never being able to rise again I was probably being a bit too hard on the NFL hierarchy (now why would Goodell want to punish the Dolphins? I really can't answer that truthfully because I don't have the facts), yet why wasn't the Wells Report released right after it was compiled in November after all those interviews? Now that it has been released, why is it taking so long for the NFL to come up with some kind of punishment for any persons implicated according to the report (right or wrong)...and mainly I am talking about Pouncey? Are they going to wait until May or June or whenever Incognito (and likely also Jerry, who isn't that good and will likely be cut)...Turner and O'Niell have been fired already so the NFL doesn't have to do anything to them that will affect Miami. Seems like this kicking the can down the road strategy could be punishment enough (for example: what if the NFL decides to suspend Pouncey for a whole season or 8 games, but does it in such a way so that the Dolphins have great difficulty in replacing him, by suspending him after the draft, or in June?) A true conspiracy theorist could say that Goodell is such buddies with Robert Kraft that ol' Roger feels he has to help Kraft's team to continue to dominate the AFC East by punishing a division rival, but that does sound a bit tin foil hat if you know what I mean...

Then we have the media, which is the real culprit here. Yes, the media IS tired of hearing about the 1972 Dolphins, links are below:

And those are just the links I had time to find, I am sure there are more links proving the media is tired of the 1972 Dolphins, and maybe that could translate into wanting the Dolphins to not be that good again. The old "it's someone elses turn" ploy. Plus the media tended to overplay the "champagne toasting" some 72 Dolphin players supposedly did when unbeaten teams finally lost.

But that doesn't explain why some in the media are so hell bent on portraying the Dolphins as truly bad guys, not just (to use Mike Florio's constant word) "dysfunctional". Now I will admit that Ireland and Philbin couldn't get on the same page was somewhat dysfunctional, but Ireland's been fired. So why are Florio and others at ProFootballTalk continuously calling the Dolphins "dysfunctional" now that the reason for their "dysfunction" is gone? Now he has Darin Gantt saying it as well. But their main tactic seems to be this: the Dolphins are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Which brings me to the latest media brouhaha over "trading" Dion Jordan, Cameron Wake, and Mike Wallace, even though the Dolphins have denied this!

About a month ago, Florio condemned the Dolphins by saying that if Richie was found innocent, he should sue the Dolphins...nothing about suing Jason LaCanfora or Adam Schefter, who started the whole nonsense with their rumor mongering...or suing the NFL, for wanting him suspended from the Dolphins in the first place. I don't have the link, but a search through PFT will bring you to it. A short time later Florio accosted Joe Philbin in his article entitled "Is Head Coaching Too Big For Joe Philbin?" even calling him Mr Magoo! And comparing him to NIXON!?! But much of that was based on a piece by our old friend Armando Salguero, who as we all know wants Philbin fired. As for Mando--may I bring in a little political correctness here?--why is he so hell bent on wanting Philbin fired? Well, maybe his "DawnJoe" meme of two months ago has something to do with it as if Dawn Aponte, in her power struggle with Ireland, dragged Philbin into it and used him (because he "can't handle head coaching" I suppose and he needs a woman to lead him...), and to that I say to Mr, Salguero: you got something against WOMEN being involved with the NFL, buddy? You castigate the Dolphins "bully" locker room culture, but it's okay for you to be sexist? Does "Salguero" mean "hypocrite" in Spanish?

Since most of my comments I make using this same username on PFT are banned (that is, the ones that criticize the media, not when I agree with them), I would like to put out an "open comment" to Florio and the rest with a question? Mr. Florio, were you ever bullied in school? I mean, why is it you became a lawyer? And if you are a lawyer, why are you working as a sports rumor-mongering pundit? I know two guys, no really, who became lawyers because they were bullied by jocks in high school! So I'm asking you, Mikey... Is that why you want to crucify the Dolphins? When you see Richie or Mike Pouncey, are you really seeing the guy who bullied you? (And I'd love to ask Jonathan Martin the same thing...I'm a certified guidance counselor, you see, in the State of Texas.)

But back to roasting the media. And now I must bring in the ringleader, the Richie Incognito of the NFL media world. CBSSports ought to suspend him immediately. His name? Jason LaCanfora, who never names sources and never takes responsibility for his lying nonsense because, well, NO ONE in the MSM Media takes responsibility for his lying nonsense! He must figure, "everyone else lies, so why shouldn't I?" The link to his tweet is below:

Then on the same day, Darin Gantt reports what LaCanfora tweeted (using the opportunity to call the Dolphins "dysfunctional"), a

ater on Friday, Florio reports LaCanfora said Wake and Wallace were also trade bait, but that the Dolphins denied it, and not only that, but Florio reports Salguero also denied it, based on Miami's denial.

Then, Florio jumped the shark, so to speak:

"Last week, at about this same time, we criticized the 49ers for calling our report of the potential trade of coach Jim Harbaugh to the Browns "completely false" and "ridiculous" not by saying so directly but by leaking the news via unnamed teams sources to a media outlet the 49ers partially own. (As we’ve since learned, the report was hardly "completely false" or "ridiculous.") But it’s one thing for a team to feed an off-the-record denial to the house band; it’s quite another for the Dolphins to undermine their relationship with an independent local media outlet by hanging Salguero out to dry by giving him blatantly false information."

SAY WHAT??? Now keep in mind that Salguero is Florio's primary Dolphins source and Mando is partly responsible for Florio's anti-Dolphins attitude, but what Florio is saying here is that LaCanfora, who did not name his NFL "league source" (likely because there isn't any) got his info from the Dolphins and that in turn the Dolphins lied to Armando Salguero when a Dolphins source told him "no deal". So what Florio is saying is that the Dolphins told LaCanfora one thing and Armando another...even though every fan of every team KNOWS LaCanfora makes things know, that Jake-Long-to-the-Dolphins-er-oh-no-to-the-Rams business. So Florio would rather believe a guy who clearly lies and knows it over a guy who generally tells the truth because really Mando has no choice and he has to tell what he knows (even if his opinions are negative about the Dolphins).

Then you have James Walker at the ESPN Dolphins blog questioning every pass Tannehill throws...but that's okay, Jimmy, we know you work for an outfit that's located in NEW ENGLAND...

But what else can I say? Last year at this time, they were crucifying the Jets over Tebow, Rexy's Super Bowl hubris, and Sanchez's bloated contract...

But when Ray Rice assaults his wife and Darren Sharper rapes God know how many women and Native Americans are pissed because of the name "Redskins," am I being just a "conspiracy theorist" for wanting to know why the media, and maybe the NFL as well, is out to hurt my NFL team?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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