Genesis is the first book in the Bible, and translate as "creation", or a new beginning. For us, The Dolphins and dolphans, we have traversed our very own 'Revelations', and must face the aftermath of a mass 'Exodus' of the coaching staff, players and possibly some fellow fans. In order to behold the rapture of our new beginning, we must mend split coalitions, repent from the sins of bitterness and animosity, renew our focus and fight for the very thing that will carry us to that higher level, the playoffs. Wins and more wins. So, without further ado, I introduce my Genesis.

I, for one, think that the key for Miami's resurgence lies in the second round, if the Dolphins can parlay a few moves into 1 or 2 additional picks in the 2nd this should be a sure fire win for the GM. This is also the goal I will be trying to accomplish here as well.


The revelation are deep and well versed by now. From insufficient play call, a stubborn OC, erratic defensive execution, the need for a new O-line ... etc. Furthermore a locker room dilemma that may have left distrust and discomfort in it's wake, a new GM and an incomplete coaching staff with an incumbent head coach. Wow!


Before we begin the genesis, we contemplate the exodus of key players and positions. First the O-line in which there are aplenty of opinions. For me, the focal point will be to vastly improve the bench as well as the starting unit. With that I see an exodus of Yeatman, Garner and Martin. I also believe we don't re-sign Jerry, Incognito and McKinnie.

I also think it will be in Miami's (Hickey) best interest to move on from both DTs as well as 1 or 2 CBs. The consensus says that our DTs will command up to 8 mil, meanwhile guys like Jason Hatcher (DAL) & Linval Joseph (NYG) both might be had at a little less especially since the cap space for their teams are -20 mil & +16 mil respectively. Lastly, I am not a fan of signing Brent Grimes right-a-way, I think it's best that we counter offer so as not to overpay for his services.

Pre Draft Free Agency

My 'Genesis' begins in free agency, more specifically, Left Tackle. I believe, with the higher cap and teams such as Jacksonville, Oakland and others who have the cap space are going to over bid for Monroe and Albert. Therefore I'd go after Collins for 7-8 mil.

Next, I'll Target Geoff Schwartz for 5-6 mil and re- sign Clabo for approx. 2-3 mil.

Next up, I'd let both DTs walk, because their agent's is going draw out the process of free agency. My goal would be to get Linval Joseph and re-sign Vaughn Martin for a combined $9 mil. Brent Grimes, should be a re-sign at $7-8 mil. with no signing bonus because if it's beneficial to trade him to move up, it wouldn't cost us anything. Also I'll let Carroll walk and create more reps for Taylor, Davis, Stanford, Thomas and/or the rookie. This will also allow Carroll to get a better contract elsewhere.

Free agent spending

O-line +/- $16 M

D-line +/- $ 9 M

Grimes +/- $8 M

Total +/- $33 M


A trade down with Cleveland, Miami gets picks #26 & #35, Cleveland gets pick #19. On draft day I am assuming at pick 19, Jace Amaro, Marquise Lee, Kelvin Benjamin and Allen Robinson is still on the board. Even if there is only three of the four there, this trade should work.

The next trade is to Oakland, where Miami sends Olivier Vernon, Koa Misi & Daniel Thomas* to the Raiders. Miami receives picks #36 & #165 (6th Rnd).

Lastly we should trade J martin for pick #218 to San Fran.


1. Zach Martin / Su'a Filo OG/OT

2. Bishop Sankey RB

2. Kelcy Quarles DT

2. Deon Buchanon SS / FS

3. Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB

4. Billy Turner OG/OT

5. Colt Lyerla TE/Big back/RED zone target **

6. Khari Fort ILB/OLB

6. Logan Thomas*** QB

7. L'Damian Washington WR

7. Jeoffry Pagan DT

* I would possibly consider Lamar Miller for picks #36 & #103 (4th Rnd) instead of Thomas

** Colt Lyerla 6'4 / 4.47 40yd / 39 vert vs Eric Ebron 6'4 / 4.50 40yd / 34 vert

Also Colt runs out of the backfield as a big back in the spread offense

*** If Logan Thomas is still on the board, easy pick

I hope that Hickey is willing to make such bold moves and not approach this offseason passively.

All in all, I think Hickey has to maximize the second round w/o sacrificing picks to complete our metamorphosis, to achieve "GENESIS'.

Note: If anyone thinks my numbers or my picks are eschew, let me know and I'll adjust or adjudicate them.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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