We already know that all the top team's err the worst team's at the top of the draft are willing to trade down. We also know that the QB. talent, is not that of a (Grade A) talent. Out of a jean pool of say a "top 12 team" Double AA College prospect for Four years in College Bowl's with a winning%. These same top teams in the draft will be trying to cut each other, trying to get as many players as they can kinda like last year. Here the Raiders, may be a handy team once again.

Look at the players anew

Team player's in the top three rounds. are held in high Self-Esteem, but we're still looking at our players the way we used to look at them. Like we were back in the 1900's even as late as of 2009. The way people thought then, was that the QB had To be a certain Height, as not to have any problem looking over the Offensive line. With Vision of lanes down the seams and up the side-lines. Being able to sight a player coming clear over the middle.

When i see a QB throw to a wide-out then have a Linebacker just steep in front. I then say why did he not see the defender and use a (counter-measure) to go to next target. Its the stress not feeling comfortable sitting in the pocket. Tossing of the football in "record release" time and time again. If QB has confidence we get in return a QB the Caliber of a Payton Manning, to be sure he will not look the part of a Sancheiz.

Look at Teams that have helped us in the past (Da Raiders)

Team's might be pitted against each other this year trying to scoop up on the talent rich field that lays before them. Oh and then there's that greed factor, we can also count on this as well. I as of right now don't understand how there could be a difficulty in Miami securing err by chance.

Getting the 1st pick from the Raiders for our First, third, and next years Fourth rd picks. Um if Jonny football is there goal and they figure he falls to early-mid 20's. Of course some-one the caliber of Clowney, Barr, would haft to be there as it just makes since. Well it happened once, who's to say the Patch people can't work with us again.

*************************WZB GO MIAMI****************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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