2013 vs. 2014

I am sure this post will change as the season gets closer, but I am tired of alot of the negativity around the fans (I am not an unrealistic guy, but feel our team is going to be as good or better next year). I was very upset with how 2013 ended, but feel we have several areas where we will be better next season, or at the worst even from last seasons team. Here is a position by postion breakdown of where we are now compared to 2013:

QB: We will at worse case senario be even from last year here with Tannehill and Moore still on the roster and learning the game. I think Tannehill with a better OL will look much improved, but even if he doesn't improve he should be equal to 2013.

RB: Same guys on roster as of now. Should be (worst case) at least even with last season. I strongly suspect we draft or sign a FA that becomes our #1 or #2 back. I am going with improvement here.

WR: Gibson injury and recovery scares me here. If he comes back strong I think we are even or better (Binns/Matthews also in fold) than last year. I also would not be completely shocked if we don't look at WR in 3rd/4th round.

TE: At least even with last season. The young guys should improve and we still could go with a veteran FA (Keller) or spend a pick in draft on a guy to improve.

OL: Can it get any worse... I'd say even if we go with bargain RT (Mckinnie/Clabo) and go with Brenner at guard we will be slightly better than last year. I think we obviously add guy or 2 in draft here and upgrade the OL.

LB: Worse case we'd be even (same guys). If we can add a guy in the draft I think we can upgrade here.

DB: I say even. Finnegan is about equal with Carroll (may not be as athletic, but smarter and meaner). Delmas for Clemmons is close to a wash also. Grimes is back and Jones is back. I think the rookies from last year will look much better also. Being cautious I say even from 2013, with a good chance to move up.

Coaching: Philbin should improve each year as a coach. Lazor should be a stronger OC than Sherman. New OL guy that has proven track record. I'd go with slightly improved from 2013.

At my scorecard we have maintained in most areas and improved in a few also. I feel I was being realistic in most judgements. We haven't even finished Free Agency or had the draft and our team looks slightly improved from last season. A strong (or even decent) finish to offseason and our team should be positioned much better than 2013.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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