If you think Phish is spelt with a P H .....


So while I was salivating at the onset of the Free Agency signing blitz, everyone else immediate vicinity (wife, daughter) was engrossed in the fall-out from "The Bachelor." Now, even though Mrs Phrozen regularly refers to this site as "The Fish finder" she, and my daughter actually know something about the NFL. Although my wife’s interest has a lot to do with the massive crush she has on Sterling Sharpe and my daughter is a hockey fan.

The point is I was once again struck by the realization that I care FAR more about the Miami Dolphins than anyone else in the house, or at work, or for that matter, anywhere between here and the Canadian Forces base where Agent J 78 is stationed. I realized that if you cared more about the Dolphins than anyone around you, you were probably a Phinsider…and that’s when I had a Jeff Foxworthy epiphany…."If you care more about Branden Albert than Juan Pablo…you might be a Phinsider."

So I started thinking about other indicators and I managed to come up with a few:

If you can quote, from memory, the Ted Wells report…. you might be a Phinsider.

If you know the names and occupations of Jonathan Martin’s parents….

If you know what type of rifle Lauren Tannehill owns….

If you know the real names of Texascowpunk and Mosul_DolFan…..

If you have read more Richie Incognito tweets than newspaper editorials….

If you believe Larry Csonka was born in a log cabin, which he built with his own two hands….

If you wondered if Dennis Hickey is related to Jimmy Cefalo….


If you know that Austin Spitler is not a character in American Pie 4.

If you think the NFL might have it in for Steven Ross…..

If you have completely agreed and totally disagreed with ct on the same day…..

If you have ever created Armon Binns in Madden…….

If you will forever have a special place in your heart for Michael Thomas….

If you can name all 12 members of the "No-Name Defence"…..

If you have ever tried to calculate the date of Tom Brady’s retirement….

If you think Kirk vs Picard is debatable but Marino vs ANYONE ELSE is not…..

If you are male and you know the difference between aqua and teal…..

If you know for a fact Satan lives in Tuscaloosa …

If you get confused when someone talks about how funny the Marks brothers were…

If you miss Jeff Darlington….

If you’ve ever used the term "Shefter’d"….

If Robert Duvall reminds you of Joe Philbin….

If you know the real Mike Wallace comes on before 60 Minutes, not after football….

If your favourite numbers include 12, 13, 39, 54 and 99….

If you question PFF rankings in an argument, even though you subscribe to it….

If you have ever used a screen cap to prove a point….

If you know who "Seven-11" was…..

That there is one, true deity and his name is Shula…..

Feel free to add your own:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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