Luis's Guide To Natural Healing



Injuries and illnesses happen all the time in the NFL, but not just there, it happens everywhere! Whether it be the NBA, the MLB, the NHL, or the OB!

"What's the OB?"

Office Building. I say this only to prove the point that no matter where you work, what you do, the danger of injury is always there. The methods of healing however are sometimes incredibly different.



Now I was gonna use Dustin Keller as an example of this first supplement I use, but since the signing of Louis Delmas I thought it was more appropriate to use him. For those of you who don't know, not only is Delmas risky because he's injury-prone, he also has a degenerative knee condition similar to Andrew Bynum of the Indiana Pacers. That condition will eventually end his career...or will it? Let me tell you, my fellow Phinsiders, the story of my mother.

It was the beginning of Summer I believe, about two years ago. My family and some friends were going to the local tennis court to play some tennis. It started out fine, laughter abounded and fun being had by all...until IT happened. My mother was playing against me in a friendly match and I hit the ball over the net...she took two steps, not even at a jogging pace I might add, to go after the ball and return it...when on her third step, her knee popped out of its socket.

That little incident sent us down a path we never expected to take. This sort of thing had happened to my mother before on rare occasions, when it did happen she would simply pop it back into place and take it easy for a few days and everything would go back to normal. Only this wouldn't pop back in.



Ahh yes, who can forget Captain Hawkeye Pierce? Surgeon extraordinaire and always willing to help his fellow man. Anyway, his photo (as caption worthy as it may be) will be relevant in just a moment. Back to the story.

We took my mother to a sports doctor to get an MRI, and through that it was revealed that my mother had torn her meniscus and her ACL if I'm not mistaken. The doctor then proceeded to ask her when she would like to have surgery mother asked him "what surgery?"

He said that she would have to get a surgery in order to get it fixed. When she said she didn't want to get a surgery, the doctor tried to convince her that she would never be able to straighten her leg again much less walk unless she got the surgery...the incredibly expensive knee surgery.

Now is where Hawkeye is relevant. Hawkeye cared pretty much only about making sure his patients lived and got well. These days, in my limited experience, doctors nowadays get a lot of training on trauma and surgeries but they don't put a whole lot of emphasis on nutrition or natural forms of healing and how they affect the body.

Anyway, back to my mother. We refused to get the surgery and we began employing natural medicine to get her back on her feet. Here's one of the things that my mother used.



We use arnica for all sorts of things. It is an over-the-counter old remedy for sprains, bruises, strains or even when you feel a little sore. Whenever we get a bruise, we glop it on, let it absorb, put more when it's gone. We used it on my mother's knee and it was a big factor in her recovery, which I will get to momentarily.

Of course we used ice a lot, we iced it all the time just like the athletes of today do, which is smart. But we did it on top of the arnica cream. She also took a lot of epsom salt baths. Hope it worked for ya, Keith.



Epsom salt is a magic formula I'm tellin' ya. It is another product that is sold over-the-counter; we use it for all sorts of things, one method is a little gross if you get my drift so I won't go there. However, as Keith now knows I'm sure, taking a soak in an Epsom salt bath when you sense a cold coming on can really nip it in the bud and shorten your recovery time needed, maybe even cut it off altogether.

The soak also helps with muscle's a little story. In the Sochi Winter Olympics, a girl skier went and took a clean garbage can big enough for her to soak in, filled it with hot water and epsom salt, and she dunked herself in clothes and all. Sure enough, when it was time for her next competition, her muscles had already recovered from their soreness and she was ready to go.

My mother also did this (except she had a tub, haha) twice a day and allowed her muscles to get enough heat to swell up a little on purpose and then she would quickly apply ice to it. Alternating between the ice and the heat of the baths created enough circulation to make extra blood flow to the injury in her knee. Now what makes the salt bath superior to say, a heating pack, is that the salt removes the built-up acids in the muscles making it much more effective.

Taking a bath in this stuff, as easy as it seems, really puts your body in a good position to heal from almost any ailment that's...ailing you.



Now THIS is the supplement mainly responsible for my mother's recovery, and any football player should try and use their first contract to buy a lifetime supply of this stuff. Admittedly everyone, my mother's recovery was rather slow going at first, although she did manage to regain full range of motion after a time. Mind you, the doctors couldn't figure out how she pulled it off, but they still insisted that she'd never fully recover without the surgery...that's what they said last time too.

At any rate, eventually a friendly employee of our local health food store heard my mom's story, and he pointed out this supplement to her. It was specially designed by a natural healing doctor to help with healing joints all over the body...and sure enough this stuff WORKED. She drank it with apple juice due to the crazy amount of cinnamon in the supplement (it'd taste worse without it) and today, a year removed from her wheelchair (oh, a year, just a little longer than the surgery alone would do) she's walking around as if nothing ever happened, a testament to the effectiveness of natural approaches to healing.



Ok being dead serious for just a moment. I realize that surgeries are a necessity if you're a professional athlete. My mom was never an athlete and thus she never would've been in any real trouble if she was unable to walk for a certain amount of time. But the natural healing things I mentioned above still apply. With these supplements and healing agents, players wouldn't be quite as injury-prone and in the case of players like Delmas, he could severely slow down the degenerative process of his knees.

And unless someone can show me where these supplements would go against the Banned Substance List of the NFL, these should be 100% legal as they're meant strictly for nutrition, not to act as a steroid. They add nothing that your body doesn't absorb naturally and don't add anything that shouldn't be there. So Branden Albert, Louis Delmas, and Dustin Keller...and also every other player out there, consider getting a second opinion on this stuff and help support your body. My fellow Phinsiders, you should do the same, it'll really help you out in the long run. It helped my family, it'll help you too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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