We have not been in double digits in Victory's for about a Million years

This is not my full bucket list but a few laughs are called for.

1.) When i see in person owner (Ross) holding a Miami SuperBowl trophy, high in the air as the smile on his face.

2.) people to take each day as precious as the next. May there be harmony in the world

3.) Sex at 32,000 ft. mile high club. Done!

If what i'm seeing is that all our Fans want to save our own players, at the same time / pick others castoff's-this is stripping down to bare minimum. The share lye's in the fact, that not all these players think as one. We need to talk LB'ers see if there's a way to lower their income. This year as it will be a production thing, we clearly point out to these our very own professionals. we can give you a pay-cut to also help the team, keeping our defensive unit hole is a capitol Idea. But we did not look good the last two games, so yes Look at a LBer or two.

Important as that sounds this team (Miami Dolphins) as a hole has "not broke into the double-digits in wins" in a Million years. For one i'm not getting any younger, this year the Affirmative Action in OC is clearly a steep in a positive direction. Motivational reinforcement will come from these coaches, the strike a nerve in Brady's, and Billicheater heart is clearly needed. We can stop the Bleeding, umm the key is the mental game during the off season.

But now the (Buffalo's and Jet's) clearly think that they have a steep on us. Beating us with there Rookie QB's, that are really not that good-err Great. Phinsider's my brothers and sisters, we need to fill those stands. Did you'ens see (how sad Broncos) the look on there faces towards the end of that game. Even if you did not see it, there was a factor it was the 12th man not real noticeable but there none the less!

Understand this that was a loud Stadium at 2-1 Seahawks - Broncos, sales on Tickets that was truly extreme Noise. Our Player personal needs to change, there is "a complacency" that we strive for / after a period of time passes, all player's feel this lowness. Olinemen a great Guard three OT a couple LBers is a start, and this could be the only thing that needs to change. Great draft

**************************this is WBZ lets go Miami****************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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