How the 2013 NFL draft could have been different if we went the other way.

A lot has been made of Miami's deal with Oakland to move to the third overall draft spot, and their selection of Dion Jordan. From lack of playing time, to lack of overall need of a Defensive End, the reasons given while accurate in hindsight, offer very little in an effort to really address what could have happened if we had in fact followed Jeff Ireland's knack of moving down. This is a hypothetical scenario I dreamed up that if taken into consideration, shows just how different the draft could have played out.

The first thing that I would like to mention is that before the draft, there were literally a handful of players that the experts claimed could be game changers in round one. We already had two second rounders, and two thirds, so the scenario also takes this into account and moves the trade to one that gives us picks this year as opposed to last. The value is way off and we take a loss, but given the talent pool this year, some would say that we actually gained in an effort to accumulate talent. The trade partner I will be using is San Francisco. Who have ample picks this year in multiple rounds, and quite frankly are one or two pieces away in their own eyes. Without further ado, here goes.

Miami is on the clock at 12 overall

Jeff Ireland in typical fashion is fielding calls. Multiple teams offer their first and second round picks in 2013, similar to how the Dolphins did with the Raiders. Jeff holds firm as he does not like the value in regards to the chart. A minute and a half remains on the clock, and it is San Francisco on the line. They have the 18th pick, but really want to add a player like Kenny Vacarro to the roster, and also want to keep their 18th pick. So they offer us both second rounders, and the second third round pick in order to try and make the trade happen. Jeff Ireland not really liking the talent gap between the first and second round agrees to the deal. Dolphins fans boo, and the 49ers go on to select Vacarro as Patriots and Jets fans fall out of their chairs in laughter.

Important Information

The first thing to note is that with this trade, we retain our second rounder we used to obtain the third overall pick in the draft. We also have two thirds and we lose one of our 10 picks we initially started out with, but in hindsight, we also did that last year anyways.

How this affects the team on a grander scale

First and foremost, the easy answer is that we no longer draft the same guys. We sign several one year deals in the off season which means we still have the opportunity to draft Best Player Available. This does affect us in more ways then that. First let us take a look at the hypothetical draft that ensues before looking at other ways it changes things:

New possible Dolphins draft after the trade

Round 2 a,b: Johnthan Banks CB, D.J Swearinger S

With the Banks pick, we no longer feel the need to draft Jamar Taylor, opening us to a possibility to picking up Swearinger with our other second rounder. Of course those that know how last season played out know that this also means that with Swearinger on our team, the hit to Dustin Keller never happens. Also, with Banks on the team, we no longer have such an unknown situation at CB going into this season.

RD 3 a,b: Dallas Thomas OG, Akeem Spence DT

We still pick up Dallas Thomas who we liked for his ability to play either Guard or Tackle, bit with Banks on the roster, Patterson going into the season, and the signing of Brent Grimes, we no longer put Will Davis so high on our boards. Akeem Spence also gives us flexibility going into this year in regards to free agents Randy Starks and Paul Soliai.

RD 4 a,b: Jelani Jenkins LB, Dion Sims TE

Note that nothing changes here. This is where the draft finally catches up with itself. Jelani Jenkins provides solid depth and Dion Sims is known for his blocking. Something that even with a healthy Keller, the Dolphins still lack at this time.

The rest of the draft falls as it did. The only real changes were the initial first rounder to San Francisco, and a couple players in the second and third round. We also have no Dion Jordan, but we walk into this year with a first rounder, three second rounders, and two thirds. The other change is that the hit to Keller never happens, and we go into this year without the need for a Safety or DT being such a strong need.

What do you guys think? What would you have done differently? Be creative with your comments.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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