Dolphinfan4lyfe's second attempt at free agency and draft(Men in Tights Edition)

With the combine on the clock, this site and others will have a combative force of free agency and mock drafts over the next few days. Many people across the Madden land will put together their interpretation of how to fill needs in order to make their teams competitive going forward. I believe that in regards to the Dolphins, there are several ways we could go to fill a majority of needs.

That being said, after film studies, player contract views, Free agent pouring overs, and a look at current Dolphins, I believe an idea has taken shape. Addressed here is possible cuts by the Dolphins that could add about 20 million in cap space, a free agency contingency plan, and a draft that I believe would put us in a prime position going forward. Without further ado, here goes.


This is the shortest list as it involves very few players. In fact, there are only three names on this list. Those names are:

Brent Grimes, Austin Spitler, and Will Yeatman.

Why these three? Brent Grimes pretty much explains itself, but Spitler has been good on special teams, and with a projected cut later on will be needed depth at Linebacker, and Will Yeatman is a cheap backup that has been a pet project of Philbin's for an unspecified reason.


This is going to get a little crazy. But the first two to go is Matt Moore, and Dimitri Patterson. Those two alone count for almost 10 million cap savings. Following this is the cut of Phillip Wheeler designated as a post June first release. Designating him a post first release gives us a cap savings of 6.4 million in itself. Daniel Thomas is the next to go. His relief is 1.2 million in cap space added. Brandon Gibson while productive, is a slot receiver that can net us 1.2 in salary cap as well. The last cut is Egnew, who at this point is a failed experiment, and would save us nearly 1 million in cap space as well.

Total savings: 19.2 million

Free Agency

Several holes to fill, but having roughly 42 million in which to do so after the re signings is a bonus. Knowing we have to find almost an entire Offensive line, at least one Defensive Tackle, a Corner opposite Grimes, a Back up QB, a starting Safety, and depth as well as a possible #2 Tight end may seem like a lot, but in essence, it can be done. I would target 5 players in free agency though, 3 on offense, 2 on defense. Those players are:

On Offense: Eugene Monroe, Jon Asomoah, and Brandon Pettigrew

On Defense: Linval Joseph, T J Ward

This gives us a blocking Tight end, a starting Left Tackle, and a starting Right Guard on offense, and two capable starters on the Defense.


The draft upon us here is how mine would look.

RD 1: Zack Martin OG: Our Left Guard is now set and so is 4 positions on the line.

RD 2: Jordan Matthews WR: A replacement for Gibson, his size, route running, and talent makes him a worthy pick up in the second round.

RD 3: Carlos Hyde RB: Daniel Thomas heir apparent, not only is he perfect for a WCO, but could possibly beat Lamar Miller for the starting job

RD 4: James Hurst OT: This completes our starting 5 on the oline. Not a bad re tooling if I do say so myself.

RD 5: Tajh Boyd QB: Will possibly start third on the depth chart, but has the ability to become a decent back up for Tannehill.

RD 6: Trai Turner OG: We get a back up Guard that can become a later starter.

RD 7: Aaron Colvin CB: Projected as a 2nd rounder early on, injuries dropped him way down. Would be worth it to let him sit for a year, and see what our two picks from last year can do.

Well that is it. Please let me know what you think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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