Dolphinfan4lyfe's Offseason if I was GM.

First, let me give a warning. I am not a conventional thinker. Some will not agree with the ideas given in this post, but I ask that people take a step back, and realize that I am not the GM. I will not be making the decisions, and I probably wont for some time. That being said, this guide will cover trades, position changes of current roster players, free agency, and the draft. As far as trades go, I try to be fair, and reasonable. That being said, let's get the show started.


First and foremost, salary cap plays a huge part in this move. Also the much needed draft picks, as this would be a retooling of the roster. Cameron Wake, and Matt Moore to Minnesota for their 2nd and 4th round picks.

Why this makes sense? We have Shelby, Vernon, Wake, and Dion Jordan on our roster. Wake is our premiere pass rusher, but we have guys that we feel need to get playing time, and a spot. Moore shows he simply does not fit our system. Minnesota's D-line is getting old, sure Wake is no spring chicken, but he is a marquee name that can reinvigorate the faith that Minnesota is looking to build a team and Moore fits their system better as well, and gives them competition to Ponder as their first rounder takes elite QB's off the board before their pick. Also they keep their 1st and 3rd pick and this allows them to look elsewhere.

Miami trades their 19 overall pick, Dimitri Patterson, and Marcus Thigpen to San Fransisco for their 30 overall, one of their seconds, and a sixth round pick.

Why this makes sense? First and foremost, we have several positions of need. Rather than utilize free agency for a majority, we look to add picks, and San Fran gets a couple pieces to fill what they deem as needs going forward.

Those are the two trades I look into, adding two second round picks, keeping us in the first round albeit further in the draft, adding a fourth, and replacing the sixth round pick we gave to Baltimore for the McKinney trade. Patterson saves us 4-5 million, Moore saves us 5, Wake saves us 3-4 million and our cap space becomes one of, if not the highest in the NFL, while adding draft comp as well.

Position Changes of current players

My first move is to swap Dion Jordan and Koa Misi. Why? For two reasons:

1. Koa Misi is a better run defender. Putting him on the line helps keep the Runningbacks from getting behind our D line.

2. Using Jordan as a Linebacker helps us by putting him in a better position to be moved around. At times he can be next to Vernon on the line giving us better push on that side.

Let Clemons walk, and move Will Davis to Safety. Doing this helps hide Will Davis' weaknesses, and keeps him from having to give so much cushion to Wide Receivers. Technically he will already be doing so. He also compliments Reshad Jones in that both love to take risks.

Free Agency

My first priority is to re sign Brent Grimes. This is why we cleared up so much cap space after all. We want to be able to offer him a solid contract, and yet still add pieces to the puzzle.

My next move is to sign Jon Asomoah. Right Guard. This helps tie up two positions of the Oline. The third coming next.

Sign Michael Oher. Right Tackle. With this, one side of our line is now complete. Takes some pressure off the draft.

Sign Ben Tate Runningback. Why all offensive players you ask? Because that is where we need the most improvement. I was not too sure about this until the signing of our Assistant Offensive Line coach. Now we have someone familiar with the system that simply wants a chance to start and is willing to sacrifice his body in order to prove he deserves the chance.

Brandon Pettigrew Tight End. Size, blocking ability, everything we need in a second TE to compliment Charles Clay.


Round 1: Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle, Pittsburgh: Undersized sure, but this guy has a swim move that would make Michael Phelps jealous. His ability to get in the backfield cannot be ignored. Also after the way our two current guys agents acted, I do not want to re sign either of them.

Round 2a: Gabe Jackson, Offensive Guard Mississippi State: Athletic and huge, this guy makes it so 80% of our Offensive Line is rebuilt. Maybe a little high, but his skill is unquestionable.

Round 2b: Troy Nicklas TE Notre Dame: Backup plan if we do not sign Pettigrew. Big guy at 6-6 270 he has the frame to simply overpower Linebackers.

Round 2c: Martavis Bryant, Wide Receiver, Clemson: Tall, lanky kid that needs to bulk up and gain a bit of knowledge as far as the route tree is concerned. But his pluses override his minuses and fits as a future #2-#3 reciever in our offense. Good speed, great YAC ability.

Round 3: Joe Bitonio, Offensive Tackle, Nevada: Future Right Tackle adds depth or possibility to start if we see the possibility of Oher playing Left Tackle for us. Built for our WCO.

Round 4a: Dion Bailey, Free Safety, USC: Size limitations are what push this guy into the fourth round. Our Defensive Coordinator would have a field day coaching this guy up.

Round 4b: Seantrell Henderson, Offensive Tackle, U of M: Regardless of having the Offensive line rebuilt, this guy is simply too talented to not take a risk on, and tbh, we also lack depth. Coach him up, and we have our oline of the future set for years.

Round 5: James White, Runningback, Wisconsin: Smallish Back with suprising power. Good depth pickup here.

Round 6: Shamar Stephen, Defensive Tackle, Connecticut: another solid depth pick

Round 7: L'Damian Washington, Wide Receiver, Missouri: Size and straight line speed. Though terrible route runner. Will take some coaching up, but good Practice squad prospect.

Well that is it. Sorry so long. Questions, comments would be appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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