2014 Pre-Combine and FA

So another season in the books. Every year I like to figure out a game plan for our beloved Dolphins. Gives me a way to forget about the previous season. Last year we were set up nicely Cap wise to go all in. An in many ways we did just that in FA and the Draft.. This year we are in even better shape to do the same thing. Knowing how to work the Cap has been key. So again this year I propose the same thing. It's Philbin's make or break year. So here we go.

OUR Free Agents:

1. Grimes-4yrs @ $32 Mil $16 Mil guaranteed

2. Soliai-4yrs @ $24 Mil $12 Mil guaranteed

3. Carroll, Watkins, and Marlon Moore signed to 1yr show me contracts

OUTSIDE Free Agents:

1. Mack-- 5yrs @ $40 Mil.

2. Byrd-- 5yrs @ $40 Mil.

3. Monroe--5yrs @ $45 Mil

4. Shields--5yrs @ $30 Mil

5. Mays--1yr. Min Contract

3 of these players were guys I was yelling for us to draft when they came out. I will only give general numbers on contracts. Cap numbers can be worked through Contract structure to fit the Cap how ever we need them to be. I broke down numbers last year to everyone on how to structure contracts to fit cap.. So with Tex's general Cap # of $33 Mil we are fine. An I also mentioned Roll Over Last Year and how it figures into how we can handle other issues. Like bad contracts or big purchases in FA.


1. Pouncey to Pitt for DeCastro and a 5th

2. Martin to SF for a 5th

3. Patterson, Thomas, and Trunsnik-- Try to trade. Cut if need be.. Patterson possibly resign for a Cap friendly number. Most people want to Cut Matt Moore? Wait LOL. We do save money roughly $4 Mill by cutting Moore or maybe trade him late summer for picks if we get a solid backup in UDFAs or Draft.


1. T. Lewan, OT, Mich

2. ASJ, TE, Wash

3. Filo, OG, UCLA

4. Easley, DT, FL

5A. Huff, WR, OR

5B. Zumwalt, ILB, UCLA

6. S. Johnson, RB, UCF

7. Britt, OT, Miss

UDFA--Lynch/QB, Burse/WR, Morris/ILB, Jensen/TE, Lucas/OT

The draft above falls close to what, who, and where the players should fall based upon position value in most drafts. An they come close on most Draft Sims and Mock draft boards. I know some of the players could move up or down. This is another strong draft class for most all positions. I could see All these players being there when we pick.

Thanks for reading. Comments good or bad are welcome. Go Fins!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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