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The Wells Report

Is this a Shock to anyone? The findings could only be one thing. Bullying and harassment were prevalent in the lock room. Is this a shock to anyone?

If so, it shouldn't be.

Why not? Lets start off with, its not a normal working environment. These guys aren't going to an office, sitting down in a cubicle, wearing a tie, and working on TPR reports. When they go to work they are expected to man handle anyone in front of them. They are expected to deliver crushing blows from anyone impeding their advances. They are expected to destroy the opposing teams players. However, the investigation doesn't consider that, nor should it. The investigation deals directly with the laws as they exist in the workplace. So the laws that govern me sitting in my little Insurance office are the same laws that govern the Dolphins workplace, from their media office to their locker room. From that point of view, there could be no other findings. Any locker room, of any sport (except maybe curling), is going to have the same result. From the Yankees, to the Lakers, to the Galaxy all the way to the Lightning. Its all the same. Extend that to colleges, high schools, junior high schools, and travel programs as well.

Incognito / Martin

We already know that the players in the locker room, and in other teams locker rooms seem to overwhelmingly support Incognito over Martin. This tells us a lot, but really doesn't matter. From a legal stand point, the Wells Report is on point. From a realistic expectation perspective, its 100% wrong. So what changes? Well, more than likely a lot. There is going to be sensitivity training, they will have seminars, they will announce a new hotline for reporting alleged incidents. There is going to be a lot of smoke and mirrors that the Dolphins (and other organizations) will announce in order to protect themselves financially. In the end, the locker room is going to remain the same.

Out of the two, Martin will be the one that has a harder time finding a job with another team. There won't be a player alive that can accept him with open arms. If he does get picked up, he's going to be an albatross. Players will be afraid to speak around him, he'll likely be isolated, which from a mental standpoint will likely not help him.


Dan Marino

Big headline, for a big name. He's out at CBS. As of last October, he apparently was still interested in a position in the Front Office (Source: Palm Beach Post - Marino). But do we need him? Do we really want him?

Lets talk about what Dan would bring. He'd bring Fans. He'd bring excitement, he'd bring blog post after blog post, twitter trending hashtags, radio call in's, it would be the second coming.....literally. A lot of excitement......but......

Whats he know about being an executive? There is a monster difference between being a player, and being an executive making corporate decisions. Furthermore, rumor has it, that his personality isn't exactly as awesome has his career stats (ie: He's an asshole).

I'd love to see Danny Boy doing something with the team, I just don't know about a Elway type role. So where would he fit in? (I'm leaving that for you to discuss).


Tannehill is on a Short Leash?

This one divides the fan base between two factions. The first faction is the group of guys that will support the QB whoever it is. They are the guys who thought Jay Fiedler was gonna lead us to the promise land, that Daunte Culpepper's signing was genius, that Chad Henne was a cool "Robot" that was leading us to the future.......and then there are the guys who want to release a player that doesn't win the division within 2 years.

I'm somewhere in the middle. Tannehill has shown improvement, and he's done so with a team crumbling around him. The spotlight was on the team for this Martin incident, he had an Oline that was as useful as a Justin Beiber, and a running game that ...well who are we kidding, there was no running game.

In spite of those adversities, the kid threw the ball decently. Hopefully this offseason Tannehill and Wallace spend a lot of time throwing the ball deep, as that was huge problem all season, I'm also hoping Wallace gets in front of a jugs machine and practices catching the ball, another problem.

But why the announcement that he's on a short leash? He's going to see major changes around him, possibly an entire new Offensive Line, he'll have yet another OC, and we have no idea what sort of scheme is going to be run. Alex Smith struggled mightily because he had to relearn something every single year, with no consistency... Tannehill has played above that, but hasn't flourished (few could). He's not Peyton Manning.


Where do we go in the Draft?

I'm not going to get into player names, or speculation on any particular player, simply because I'll be wrong. Everyone is wrong when they create mock drafts, its fun to do, but truthfully its an exercise in futility. Especially if you start trading lets not talk players, lets talk positions.

I think its foregone conclusion we see a minimum of 2 Offensive lineman taken, and I wouldn't be surprised to see one taken early. We need them. Our unit as a whole played miserable, created a scandal, and for the center (pun intended) of the crew, who knows if he's got a pending suspension for conduct detrimental to the team/league. We just don't know what will happen with Pouncey.

So I expect to see a few OL come off the board, who else? I think we take a shot at a Wide Receiver. I'm not sure the team is endeared with Mike Wallace enough to keep him around, especially at the cost we are bearing (Thats Jeff) for his contract. It certainly doesn't warrant what he's being paid, BUT I'm also willing to say our non-function Oline last season contributed to some of that.

Final Speed Round

  1. Gibson? Cut him.
  2. Keller? Resign him uber cheap, Clay hasn't proven he's anything more than a 1 year wonder
  3. Incognito/Martin - Neither will ever play for the fins again for fear of public backlash.
  4. Joe Philbin - I originally loved this signing.... I'm not as enamored as I once was.
  5. Dan Marino - Put a smile on his face, let him wave to the crowds, and people will be happy

Shout out to the old timers! I linger (occasionally).... but am saddened to see the activity on this site take such a drastic plunge. I remember Fan Posts that had 50-100 comments as the norm.

As Weecho used to say:


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