2013,...I feel like I need to vent

An 8-8 season should feel this bad, but it does. From top to bottom this season sucked. Which is nothing new to us that have been watching for a while. But this sucked way harder. Sure I had some great times all the way, I saw some key wins,...gritty wins. But I saw a team, and an organization embarrass themselves so completely and thoroughly leaving no doubt which direction this franchise will be heading in 2014. Although its said,..."anything can happen", we'll see,...


Still pissed, yet acceptive. Again, I was never opposed to a change, but IMO this version kinda sucks. No, does suck. However, how pissed would I be if the Dolphins didn't repeated letting me down as a fan ? Say they some of their horrible looking loses where close games,...yeah it would have made a difference and it almost did.

I told myself at the end of the year if they made the playoffs I would cave and search out something cool. Well, as we know the Fins where poised to make that wish come true and I jumped the gun. Prior to the Bills game I bought a tank top. I liked the design, aqua material with orange piping around the neck & arms. While I could have returned it, I am donating it to the Toledo club. Along with a few hats I bought as well. New logo or not, there is no way I'm turning down a brand new Dolphins hat for $5. Two of the six I'll keep, but doubt if they will ever see the light of day.

I will 'fess up to completing my Dolphins cycling kit, again $90 shorts for $30. I had to at that price, but only have riden in once,...on Super Bowl Sunday. And I will wear it again, probably sooner than later as I coming to palm county for the Delray Beach Twilight Festival & Gran Fondo.

I suppose I should also confess to hoarding 3 cans of Bud Light, new logo design complete with "2013 kick-off" on them. I bought beer to stock the cooler once there, as that was my contribution the E-12 tailgate. A cooler with water, pop, & beer. I drank Guinness, and most of the pop and water was drank but always I was returning home with those bud lights. Last game I literally put them in the parking lot and saved 3 to "collect". As well as a refrigerator magnet from the HOF game,...I cant for get that.

In the end I have than enough Dolphins T's, hats, and the such to get me by. I am even lucky enough to possess a 10ft x 12ft stadium flag,.....and pole. How mad could I be,....I'm just sick of losing.


You talk about a wild ride,....that was it. I always want the Dolphins to make the post season, but you want them to be competitive. But after week 4, I knew there where some problems. But prior to that the fans were riding high, and I was just lucky enough to be at week 1 & 2. Pretty sure the FanPosts reflect what a high it was. Group of 50 in Cleveland,...a "boys night out" in Indy made for big fun & little sleep. That was all good,...the losing of ( what was it ) 5 of 6 was not.

Still I was lucky enough to be back in FL to see the Cincy game. What a finish ! What a lackluster crowd,...tons of empty seats for a prime time game,....I've said it all along, Dolphins have sucked so long nobody cares in Miami. Or rather, many don't. Some do, but many more don't.

Since we now had some life left in our season, it was without a doubt I was going to make my way to Tampa. Prime time,....against a winless opponent,...with tons & tons of Dolfans in attendance. Yup ! I'm in,....big mistake. I should have known better. However it turn out being an awesome trip,..except for the game. Crashed a buddy's house that Ive known since 1st grade, Got a killer 40 mile ride in, got a few player pics at the team's hotel, & attended the most incredible tailgate party hosted the "What the Buc" crew. All donation and charity driven, they had a full bar, awesome grub, a band rocking hard/heavy rock, and totally nobody giving anybody shit about the game,....before or after. At least I didn't see it.

Back to Miami for SD, another thriller. And my friends from Belgium where back !

Looking back it seems almost cruel that they won eight games after watching the Panthers convert on 4th & 10. What,....lets go hit the QB when he is out of bounds for another 15 yards a few plays later. Yeah,....Dolphins aren't going anywhere fast.

But wait,....three words. Met,...Life,...TAKEOVER ! I wasn't there, but I know more than a few who where. Having already been to Cleveland, Indy, & Tampa I know for a fact that the Dolphins have a hardcore fan base,....we're just scattered all over the country. But 800 in one group ??!! That is crazy ! And I hope I can make that party again sometime soon.

Then Pittsburg,...I didn't see that coming either. I would never thought in a million years that the Dolphins could win a cold weather game that mattered. They say,..."anything can happen". And it did, twice in a row ! New England another thrilling win at home,....surrounded by a stadium literally filled with 50% Pats fans. That would have been a walk of shame like none other. I guess the Dolphins wanted to save that one for the season finale vs the Jets.

The team's record says 8-8 but it felt more like 4-12. I mean everything seemed messed up. Play calling, poor tackling, can't run, cant stop the run, no emotion, flat, no deep ball, #Bullygate,.....


WTF ! Why ?

I haven't read any of the report, or it's summary as of yet,....just the headlines and a few comments. Out of all the people around this organization on a daily basis, nobody reeled this in ??? Nobody ! To me this say not only does this team lack leadership, but so does the organization as whole. Yup, leadership and image that looks like complete shit.


Can somebody please help me confirm this. Is it a bad thing when people don't want to interview or retract their consideration for said position ? So we finally end up with Mr Hickey. And if I have a type-o or two I can change his name to Mr Hockey,....and that reminds me of Gordie Howe,.....a good thing I guess. But can he turn this ship around ? Can anyone ? Which begs me to ask is the problem Mr Ross ? Sure there has been 2008 was a blast, but the rest of his tenure has had the team just floundering about. Somewhere Tony McDaniel must be laughing his ass off.


Somewhere in the middle season I was again unable to post my pics in a FanPost. This is pain in my ass, and I don't have the time or patience ( or computer know how) to get back on track. And it's sad because I liked sharing them.


Cancer sucks, it affects us all, and I would have liked to have had more help in raising awareness and donations.


For 3 years I was part of a section known as the Deep End. And for those 3 years I received a free pair of tickets. In large part this is why I was compelled to actually invest in a bicycle and participate in The Dolphins Cycling Challenge. This year the section was disband just a couple weeks after signing our "Deep End" code of conduct letter/agreement. What started as a letter that got into upper management hands painting the group as freeloading drunks that are an embarrassment to the team & NFL in general became something that was too costly to erect. IMO, was in the way of the new stadium dressing the featured the new logo and covered the tunnel where the section was located. I wasn't mad about the removal as I was the timing. I mean why have me sign letter then change your mind a couple weeks later. This is what I have come to know as typical Dolphin behavior. After some back & forth they finally ended up paying for their tickets and ended on the field with the worst possible sight lines. They snuck me down there a couple times and you cant see anything on the field as they have to watch the game on the scoreboard. Their payoff,....screen time on said scoreboard and possible TV cut away shots. Me,....I'ld rather be in a section where I can actually see the game and not the asses of all the cameramen when the play comes to that goal line. Oh well, was fun while it lasted and I'll be wherever I'm at,....


I would have never thought that a tweet wondering what the bet was between Hartine & Fields for the Big Ten Championship game was would get me blocked,....but it did. Chalk that one up to Twitter learning curve. Read more,...tweet less,...

I was here before he came, and I'll be here when he's gone. Take that Mr most reception yards by a Dolphin, a loss. Dick.


While the Fins collapsed, I personally enjoyed this years playoffs. It was the Super Bowl that sucked. I tweeted the other day that I was thankful for the Dolphins for introducing me to cycling as a way to work off all the frustration they have given me. Don't Believe me ? Go search my STRAVA profile. I work 40 hours ,then cycle an average of 4x per week going anywhere from 150 miles or more. Now if I could only get off the sweets, I might lose a couple extra pounds.


While I can honestly say I don't have high hopes, I do anticipate just as many good times in 2014 as I had in 2013. I could never do anything about the team's performance through the years, all I could do was support them. And by doing that I have had some incredible times and met some incredible people along the way. This will not change. Anyone eyeing road games yet. I know I am ! Mainly Chicago, however Buffalo & Nashville, TN are all possible if they are early season games. And how can I forget Detroit, but the rumor is Thanksgiving and I'll be in Florida by then. So for me the offseason is never about FA's, the combine, or the draft ( hell,...#3 overall and he plays ST's mostly ????), its the day the schedule gets released. I'll either be looking to join a group or if I have too,....form one.

I know this,...I'll be wherever I'm at.

#StillMad #StillProud #FansDeserveBetter #UncleFucker #BlameCanada


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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