Positivity & My Phins ... the case for

Yes, there are reasons to be cheerful, hopeful and genuinely otpimistic about this team going forward. TBH I'm a bit weary of the drip, drip, flood of negativity.

1 Lazor: better QB coaching/development and using our top-class toys to dictate the scheme + RB development

2 Hickey: OL + RB + LB picks & FA pick-ups

3 Benton: waiting in the wings to build [quickly] a good OL via zone-block schemes

1 Greg Cote writes ...

"This does not feel like Miami is recycling somebody out of the Old Boys Network, like the hiring of former and failed OC Mike Sherman did. This feels more like Miami has identified somebody on the ascent whom it believes can be the next big thing. That’s forward thinking. Maybe Lazor wasn’t Miami’s first choice (it seems Green Bay’s Ben McAdoo, who chose the Giants, but that doesn't mean Lazor, whom the Lions also sought, won't prove as good or better." [read here]

and from ESPN's Walker ...

"Lazor helped previously unknown Nick Foles go from a backup quarterback to a Pro Bowler this season. But a little-known stat is Philadelphia’s offense actually led the NFL in rushing last year under Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Lazor certainly picked up some pointers from Kelly’s offense and the successful running game that he hopes to bring to Miami." [read here]

2 Omar - I know divides opinions - but offers an objective piece of reflection ... "I don't know Hickey's personality, nor his perspective on talent assessment. And I'm getting more acquinted with how he's viewed in the scouting community (getting mixed reviews, which was the case for most of the candidates, especially New England's Nick Caserio). But I liked Tampa Bay's drafts, and thought the Buccaneers had a better, stronger talent base than the Dolphins, and have for years. I haven't been shy about those views, and I've said that for a couple of seasons now. The Bucs have a better offensive line, better receivers, better tailbacks, and better linebackers than the Dolphins. Ironically, three of those areas are positions of need for Miami."

[read here]

3 Omar, in a different piece points out that ...

"Benton will work alongside Jim Turner, who is entering his third season as the Dolphins' offensive line coach. They will be responsible for improving a unit that allowed a franchise-record 58 sacks in 2013, and only features one returning starter (Mike Pouncey) presently under contract.

During his tenure in Houston Benton's offensive lines set franchise records for total offense each year from 2008-10 and has registered the top three rushing seasons in franchise history from 2010-12, including franchise rushing records in 2010 and 2011."

[read here]

Sure, I've cherry-picked and drunk the kool-aid. So what? I have a good feeling we have made steps despite this toxic storm of negativity from local media and their 'sources' - even tho I actually quoted some of this media.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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