2013 Miami Dolphins in one word: INCONSISTENT

New Uniform!!!

New Offensive/Defensive Weapons!!!

3-0 Start to the Season!!!


This was as odd of a season as I can remember. The Dolphins beat some of the NFLs top QBs head to head yet also could not beat some of the NFLs worst. This season had some of the biggest highs and lows ever for a Dolphins fan in recent memory and the pain of the last loss is still there .. eating at you until something happens.

What will the 2013 season be remembered for the most?

The terrible OL and the drama surrounding it?

The missing connection between Tannehill and Wallace?

The progression of Ryan Tannehill, OV and Charles Clay?


The winning streaks followed by devastating losing streaks?

Its easy to see which one I will remember by the title of the post .. The number one thing I took away from 2013 was this team doesn't have the leadership to get over a tough loss or ability to handle success. This is very clear as the whopping the Dolphins took on MNF put us in a 3 game tail spin and the loss to the Bills basically ended our season.

Is it wrong that I think the Dolphins would be in the playoffs if they lost to the New England Patriots?

The Dolphins are young and being that we have been average forever I always have worries about let down games after big wins. The lack of media hype surrounding the team is next to none so its like anytime someone pats them on the back they forget what it took for them to get them that far. This season after the big win against Atlanta (at the time a huge win) they went on a 4 game losing streak and barely climbing out with an OT win against Cincy. Then after a huge and I mean huge win against NE they laid two eggs. Playoff teams do not have long losing streaks in the season plain and simple, I mean when was the last time Tom Brady had a three game losing streak? Has it ever happened. This IMO is the biggest problem Miami faces .. being able to take big wins in stride and learn to get back up after an ass whopping.

The real question that serves us now is does this fall on the coaches or the GM, is this a players issue (talent) or coaching?

In my opinion drastic changes sound good ... if you were to see my text messages to friends you would see that I wanted blood. Wanted, because after some time I think they should both stay (Ireland and Philbin) and the offensive staff should be tinkered with a bit and that is it. Yeah thats right keep it going lol I think these players are growing up before us and are taking that next step under Philbin. Leaders do need to step up and I think Tannehill will take a bigger role in his third season. I feel crazy for even writing this but I think someone with a similar offensive mind and scheme with adjustments can be made enough for this team to be in the playoffs. I do think Sherman is getting more blame then he should as the Dolphins left too many plays out on the field on numerous occasions (bombs to Wallace). Now with that said, I think selfishly, I want someone who is more creative in using the talent the team has which IMO Sherman lacked ... this is why a change is needed.

Overall we are all being held in the dark. I just hope that if house cleaning is done, it is done to everyone. Give whom ever comes to this team a clean slate. Personally I don't have any people in mind who would be an upgrade so this is why I am hesitant. There are no Bruce Arians, Chip Kelly, Andy Reids this time around and that is why I changed my stance. I am a Dolphins fan and will hope for the best whatever Boss Ross decides, as that is all I can do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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