Coach Philbin fires ...

Let's say that you were very good at your job, so good that a CEOs from other firms took notice. In fact, one of those CEOs was so impressed that he offered you the power to run his firm as well hire and fire as you see fit. In return you are to bring your skill set, style and direction to train & convey to his struggling offices.

You accept. However after a year's time and disappointing numbers, the CEO calls you into his office and says, "we have decided to go in another direction". You would get the notion that you are being fired. It would become obvious after these two huge security dudes is escorting you and your ideas towards the exit.

It's just business, the CEO didn't hire you the person but rather your leadership, your style and yes your ideas. A change ideas, mean another person is brought to implement those ideas and ideals.

When Coach Philbin was brought in, he came with a sense of style, direction, leadership and ideas that was appealing to the "powers that be".

Therefore, for Philbin to completely alter the offense after one season, means that he has rid the organization of the Coach that was originally hired for the job. It means that ideas, for which he was hired, aren't any good and must be discarded. The Coach has lost his way, his sense of direction, especially when he says, "Oh not that way, let's try this way.

OK, let's break it down a little further. Coach Philbin and Mike Sherman have over 60 years of experience, on every stop along that way, they have coached the O-line or been Head coach and/or offensive coordinator. This is their skill set, this is why they were hired. Yet, after 2 drafts and two seasons, they are still in need of 4 STARTING O-linemen. In essence they have not coached up any linemen whom was able to adequately perform on the big stage, including a high draft pick that walked off the job.

Most coaches will tell you that they expect the O-line to be able to carve out 2 yards per average in the run game, the rest is usually on the RB. But our 2 offensive gurus couldn't get a first down on 4th & 2 maggots length, in the biggest game of the season.

Before anyone tag me as negative I'd like to show you some hard facts via PFF (pro football focus) in the chart below, in which you will notice sharp declines in the run block rating as well as the run defense rating. Keep in mind, that after the 2011 season we were looking for a new direction, style, a better coach.

Actually, in every instance that Coach Philbin changed direction via offensive blocking scheme or 3-4, 4-3 or hybrid defense he alters the focal point of the team, discards unwanted or unsuccessful ideas and seeks a new path, he changes the coach that was hired for the job .

In short Coach Philbin has fired Coach Philbin.

Run Block Rate Rank Year Run Defense Rank
8.2 14th 2011 9.9 16th
-3.2 23rd 2012 32.1 10th
-67.4 29th 2013 1.3 21st

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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