Trade assets on Miami's roster

Trade-able assets on Miami’s roster:

I realize most of this would never happen, but now would be the time (with a new GM coming in and being able to mold the team how they feel it should be). So I wanted to look at guys that actually have trade value and see what the fin fans thought would be there price. I want to start this with a statement, I am not saying we should trade all (or any) of these guys, just wanted to see what we thought their “value” around the NFL would be and what we would take.

I want to list the guys I think we don’t trade for a few reasons and then get into the guys that could be traded:

Tannehill: I have him here for 2 reasons. One, I think he is our guy for the future and has at least earned the next year or two to succeed or fail. Two, I don’t think we get any more than a 1st round pick and I don’t think any rookie coming out would be as good as he is.

Hartline: As has been pointed out in another blog I did, we would have to eat around $4 million in salary if he is moved. I also don’t see him fetching more than a low 2nd round pick or average starting offensive lineman.

Wheeler: No one would want him and too much dead money.

Ellerbe: See Wheeler.

Here are the guys that would have some value and could possibly be moved (I am sure James will correct me if I miss some cap numbers).

Wake: I don’t trade him, but what could we get or would we want for IMO one of the best edge players in the game. I think he has 3-4 years left in him. If we did move him I could see him getting a true #1 WR (no Calvin Johnson or Fitzgerald, but maybe an Antonio Brown type guy). He could also get a pro-bowl Olineman I’d think. Or a 1st round pick (probably 12 or lower though).

Jordan: Again, I don’t move him. I do think we could expect a 1st round pick (top 10). Could also look at getting a young stud Olineman.

Vernon: I like him, but would trade him if price was right. Young Dlineman with great stats would fetch a low 1st rounder or above average young Olineman.

Wallace: Not sure how his contract would play out, but there was at least 1-2 other teams in the bidding for him last offseason. I like him and think (even though he is overpaid) he opens things up for us on offense. I’d take a 1st round pick for him or a trade for a bigger WR/TE that was borderline pro-bowl. Don’t think he’d fetch that though on the open market.

Pouncy: Surely we wouldn’t trade our only good Olineman. If we did would he get a 1st round pick offered? Not sure.

Gibson: Coming off an injury would kill his value. I really like him and think he will be a stud for us if he stays healthy next year. While people rave about Hartline and Tannehill’s chemistry, these two had it also before he went down. Only way I let him go is for 2nd round pick or above average LB/OL.

Charles Clay: Another guy I don’t see us even thinking about trading (imagine what the Patriots would be able to do with a guy like him), but if we did what would he get. Young H-back that really became a great player for us. I don’t think he is your typical TE (to short), but he is a great player. I would not want to let him go. Value: Might get a 2nd round pick offered or starting Olineman. Not worth it.

What is sad is that is probably our only players that have a ton of value. I did not include impending free agents or guys that have no value (Miller, Thomas, Egnew, Simms, Matthews) to others even though they may develop for us.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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