2014 Super Bowl XLVIII


Super Bowl Media Day: Fooch Talks to Anthony Dixon

David Fucillo is in New Orleans covering Super Bowl XLVII for SB Nation. On Tuesday at the San Francisco 49ers media day session, Fooch got a few minutes with running back Anthony Dixon. Stay tuned for more previews and coverage from New Orleans.

Super Bowl Media Day Belongs to Randy Moss

Yesterday was the annual circus known as Super Bowl media day. It's a day where the strangest questions ever conceived are asked to a bunch of grown men, who have to simply sit there and answer questions. Somehow, Randy Moss won the day.

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Of course, much of the talk is about the Harbaugh Brothers, Ray Lewis' last game, the city of New Orleans, and deer antler spray. But, there is more to the game than. Here is NFL Communication's official preview.


Super Bowl 2013: Niners Nation in New Orleans

Both the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens have now touched down in New Orleans, and so has Niners Nation. David Fucillo checks in to report on the 49ers' Monday press conferences as SB Nation kicks off an exciting week of dishing out news

Report: Super Bowl generate $185M for New Orleans

This Sunday, Super Bowl XLVII will kick off in New Orleans, with the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers facing off. Today, Forbes and PwC US reported that the game will generate an estimated $185 million for New Orleans.

Super Bowl XLVII Injury Report

The Super Bowl is still a little over a week away. Here's the official injury report for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers for the end of the bye week.

Uffsides, Episode 9 - John Elway Interview

NFL legend John Elway joined Matt Ufford to preview the Super Bowl and discuss his present role as the Broncos' Executive Vice President of Football Operations, where all he's done is trade Tim Tebow, sign Peyton Manning, and draft Von Miller.

2013 Super Bowl Odds and Prop Bets

The 2013 Super Bowl is a little over a week away, with the San Francisco 49ers still favored to beat the Baltimore Ravens, even though the line is continuing to tighten. Today also marked the opening of pro bets for game.


Super Bowl 2013: Kapernick, Rice Storylines Matter

The 49ers and Ravens will meet in Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013. While the national media will convince you Ray Lewis and a pair of brothers are the key storylines, Collin Kapernick, Ray Rice, and the 49ers secondary really matter.

What Super Bowl storylines will get old fast?

The Super Bowl is just under two weeks away. Over that span, we will all hear a million different ways to tell the same story. We will hear about the Harbaugh brothers. We will hear about Ray Lewis. But, what other storylines will be overplayed?

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