Dolphins at Browns Live Thread Roll Call

Matt Sullivan

After every week's live game, we take a roll call of all the members who commented in the original thread, as well as any of the subsequent overflows. Today, as the Miami Dolphins beat the Cleveland Browns, we had two overflows, with a total between the three posts of 1,665 comments from 69 different community members.

Congratulations to Fin Fan Forever for taking the top spot with 185 comments and to James McKinney for having two comments reach two recs (notice how the "And how bout them Canes?" comment didn't get goo'd? Just sayin'. Haha). 1-THE H3ATLES-6 also received two recs on a comment.

Here is the full breakdown:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Fin Fan Forever 185
2 Alpha6 134
3 wild zion beaver 113
4 Jtpdolphins2009 105
5 1-THE H3ATLES-6 104
6 thanos629 82
7 KIH004 77
8 MassFinFan65 64
9 mighty08 62
10 Mark_J 55
11 senelcoolidge 54
12 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace 52
13 HoneyB 47
14 PhinFan305 38
15 James McKinney 37
16 dksurf99 36
17 Sinjin830 29
18 FishNFinz 28
19 MHTD 27
20 hbkDolphins 21
21 JRoth 20
22 Miami Jules 20
23 zeusmith 19
24 Phintastic 18
25 the big brickk 16
26 dolfan52 14
27 Rytackle 13
28 ct1361 13
29 dolphinfan4lyfe 12
30 bryankstro 10
31 TJohnson7 9
32 Kdog92 9
33 NetSwag12 8
34 texphinphan 8
35 Fuhbawl 7
36 The Earl 7
37 Ritty77 7
38 Kevin Nogle 7
39 phinsphan12 6
40 CentralCaliRox 6
41 HuskerDolphin 6
42 srtmopar 6
43 TheFigurehead 6
44 DaytonaJim00 6
45 Legoman0721 5
46 Playbook 5
47 SSL.128 5
48 Bad-Horse 4
49 Agumen 4
50 Miamimaniac 4
51 kdock 3
52 dolphan63 3
53 TheDiazFallacy 3
54 GC002 3
55 daytonadolfan 3
56 Hpndaman 3
57 Zerpet 2
58 blunt-trauma 2
59 LeftWing13 2
60 Finnatic 2
61 FinsLife 1
62 MMark 1
63 pHiN_gAtOr 1
64 Dakota Phan 1
65 markscanes75 1
66 animal2020 1
67 awfinsfan 1
68 Bill Jempty 1
69 Strange 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
2 James McKinney And how bout them Canes?
2 James McKinney [no title]
2 1-THE H3ATLES-6 Thank God Tanne actually moved in the pocket and picked up three, last year that would've been a sack
1 The Earl I'm excited and nervous
1 awfinsfan Brandon Weeden
1 mighty08 When you give the QB all day to throw, someone will get open.
1 thanos629 YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!! I GET THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!
1 PhinFan305 hellllooooo - this is it boys
1 Fin Fan Forever I'm pretty sure that should be a touchback
1 wild zion beaver Were not able to run why try!
1 Fin Fan Forever Because the Seahawks are massively overated
1 ct1361 Oh my sweet Jebus!!! Hell must be getting cold!! LOL
1 Fin Fan Forever I think he didn't want to go out of bounds , clock
1 KIH004 The only thing more epic than Manning's 7 TD game is losing when you had Manning throw for 7 TDs lol
1 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace I feel such total man-love for Cameron Wake
1 Alpha6 Koa laid him out!
1 Jtpdolphins2009 the Pacers loved it too
1 thanos629 You know it homie!
1 Mark_J We need to come right back with a score, Wallace and a long ball!
1 Mark_J Wallace was tripped
1 Alpha6 One of the Browns taking a dump on the field?
1 Rytackle RT's acuracy has be great all day
1 Fin Fan Forever LMAO
1 Fin Fan Forever I swear some people don't know anybody other than Dolphins players
1 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace It says that out O-line has given up 3 sacks, among other things
1 Fin Fan Forever one of them we got the ball @ the 1
1 Mark_J Accuracy? Id say RT has been pretty much right on target so far
1 Fin Fan Forever Browns are gonna have a top 10 run defense imo
1 James McKinney He will get his. Its one freaking half of football.
1 thanos629 Both D's played great.
1 the big brickk any else love sturgis' face mask?
1 1-THE H3ATLES-6 Clay i see you baby
1 HoneyB Grimes is a bad ass
1 senelcoolidge Seriously the Dolphins are better than the Browns...tired of the underachieving.
1 ct1361 Give Cle some credit. They are rolling all kinds of coverage toward Wallace.
1 PhinFan305 ya it was
1 Fin Fan Forever Thomas with a very nice pickup on the block

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