Football is a Chess Game


As the title suggests, I consider this season to be a huge version of chess. There's a lot of strategy involved in order to come out on top in the end of the game, or in this case, the season. And also like chess, there are several pieces in the game.

There are Pawns - the third stringers

Bishops and Knights - The 2nd stringers or platoon players

Rooks - The regular starters

Queens - The superstars of the team

King - The Coaching staff

Now why did I categorize it like this? Well, to try and illustrate the value of each player of course. The likes of Cameron Wake would obviously be a Queen caliber player, I see Paul Soliai as a very well placed Rook. To further illustrate this, there are actually number values placed on each piece.

Pawns - 1

Bishops/Knights - 3

Rooks - 5

Queens - 9

King - Priceless

I made that king number up...anyway, I realize that what I'm about to say can easily be misconstrued so I'm going to try my best to explain what I mean when I say this. I DON'T WANT WAKE AND SOLIAI PLAYING IN THE SAINTS GAME.

"Blasphemy! Heresy! Stone him! Closet Jets fan!"

Hey, I take offense to that last part! Never mind, I'll just explain why. Look, I see Drew Brees as an elite QB, and so does pretty much everyone else in the world. I hate the idea of just throwing in the towel and saying "Let them have it", and I'm not even saying that. I'm just saying we need to be careful that we don't throw all our pieces out there and let them risk getting "captured" or in this case hurt worse when we still have a long season ahead of us.

Now, all this stuff I'm saying goes with the assumption that the only one who believes they're ready are the players themselves. RG3 believed he was ready, pretty much calling out his coach all offseason long. Now he's in the game, and he's struggling big time. He wasn't ready, even if it's only mentally, he WASN'T READY, and the Redskins are suffering the consequences of that.

However, if the TEAM decides that Wake and Soliai are ready to go, I'll support that decision all the way, I'm simply wary of players trying to force their way into a game just because they wanna try and make a contribution when they aren't ready to do so. Naturally, that's something we can never be sure of, since the media can't get certain information. So, we're stuck on the outside looking in, trying to put together a hypothesis and a strategy to try and figure out how to make it to the playoffs.

I won't be heartbroken if we lose to the Saints, however if we DO win I'll be the loudest one cheering in Miami, all I want is to make sure we're careful about who we use in what situation. If the coaches - or kings - say that Wake and Soliai will be able to move on the board without too much unnecessary risk, then by all means, unleash them on New Orleans. Otherwise, let's take it slow, this chess game is going to be a long one.

Again, I would love to see them play, I wanna see a win against New Orleans...strategy guys, all I'm saying.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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