The view from section 128- Atlanta Falcons at Miami



So I have done my best to post some pics per your previous comments... I have some more of the actual game, which I will post when I can get them off my phone. When I get around to that, I will post them on this fanpost, so check back. We also took video of my 3 year old singing along to the Miami Dolphins song in the stadium, but you really can't hear him. We will have to revisit that at some point and get some video where we can actually hear him singing the Miami Dolphins song. As expected we got a little bit soaked right before the game. As hot as it was though, it did a lot to cool us down... and well we are Floridians so we are used to rain(we just sat in our seats in our raincoats the whole time, even though it was pouring down).



My Daughter Roxanne , and my son Nathanael



My son Chris



My son Josiah



My son Ian and me(he is looking at the big screen)

Yes that is 5 kids. My wife was snapping the pics, and I think I forgot to take a pic of her... oh well .. next time..

In any case... here were my observations:


At the beginning I was really upset because I figured out what the Falcons were doing to us and I didn't think that Coyle did. They would bring in an extra O-lineman who would report as elligible(#61 If I recall correctly). It seemed like they were not realizing when the Falcons were going big and they kept getting outnumbered at the point of attack.

It also seemed like our guys were not really making plays on Julio Jones, but we were just letting him catch the ball and tackling him immediately. As far as I could tell, and I will admit, I was at times a little bit preoccupied with kids, but it seemed like we were not doubling Julio, but keeping our safeties in the middle of the field to protect the seam routes from Gonzalez and any big plays from Julio or Roddy White. I was screaming the whole time. I remember at one point I yelled out "THEY ARE GOING TO RUN THE BALL!!" which they did, one of the times they brought the 6th O-lineman in the game.

But looking at the whole picture what they did was brilliant. Nolan Carroll and Brent Grimes while they may not be able to blanket Julio Jones all game were more than up to the task of limiting the big plays. It seemed like as soon as he caught the ball they tackled him. They made them work for every yard that Julio got.

As far as the run game is concerned, I would rather stay in the normal defense(not bringing in an extra D-lineman) and dare them to run on us all game long. So they got 150 yards rushing... how many TDs did they get? Honestly, are we more afraid of Snelling beating us or Julio Jones beating us? We clearly made a decision to force them to try to beat us with Snelling. It was a little bit of a bend don't break philosophy... and for the most part it worked, by keeping them out of the end zone for most of the game. They controlled the ball for 37 minutes, but we hung with them pretty much the entire game. It reminded me of the game a few years back when we played the Colts and Manning beat us even though they only had the ball 15 minutes the entire game.

It seemed like our LBs were draped all over Gonzalez for most of the game, even in the beginning when he was beating us. That guy made plays even though they were blanketing him, and really that is what you would expect from that guy. He is one of the best TEs to ever play the game. As long as he is running out routes and catching the ball for 5 yds at a time, I can handle that. He didn't have anything down the seam and we obviously were taking that away from them.


On offense, we have to protect our QB better. Although, Mike Sherman mentioned in an interview that while we had a lot of sacks, we really didn't have that many QB hits.. which is very true. I think our young QB might be hanging on to the ball a litlle long still trying to make a play down field. Sherman mentioned that at times he was not gonig through his progressions as fast as he could hoping that a certain player would get open, when he should have just moved on to the next guy in the progression.

I do hope that there is more of an emphasis on getting Mike Wallace involved this week, and maybe that is being able to spot better when the CB has help or when he is left alone to cover Wallace. It seemed like he was ignored at the wrong times. There were times when he was single covered, and wide open, and Tannehill didn't even look his way. Hopefully, that will come with experience.

I also hope that Tannehill will be able to feel when a CB is coming unblocked and know when to take off and run it. Again, the kid is still young.. give him time.

I really felt like we needed to try to run the ball a little more, but the way the game was going, I understand why we didn't keep trying it. Overall, I am not really worried about our running game, we will have plenty of time to pad Lamar Miller's stats against weaker opponents.

If you think about how well this offense is running and you realize how good it could be... it is really exciting. As good as we look, there are still a lot of things we can do better. There are a lot of plays that we left out of the field. Think about that. Our offense was only on the field for 22 minutes and we still won, yet we left plays out on the field. There was a time where Wallace ran a go route when he was single covered, that Tannehill went the other way. There was the catch that Lamar Miller should have made on the final drive. AND WE STILL WON.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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