Miami Team Rankings through 3 weeks.

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I decided to alternate between my look at Tannhill and the overall team rankings in order to add to the sample size each time before looking for changes/constants. Since last week was Tannehill's turn, it's time to focus back on the team now that they've started 3-0 for the first time in 11 years. I've put together a number of graphs to illustrate the rise and fall of a few statistics over the course of the season so we can see where Miami started, compared to where they ended, and where the happy medium lay. The graphs are done so that no matter the statistic, you want to be ranked higher. For example, being low on offense for sacks means you've allowed a ton, while being low on defense means you haven't gotten many. Let's begin.

Offensive Rankings:


After seeing a rise in each category following the Colts game, Miami took a big drop in total yards following the Atlanta game. One of the biggest cause for this is how much Atlanta dominated the TOP. Miami's offense just didn't have much time on the field. The rankings for the pass and rush offense remain the same after their increase in week2. Miami's rushing attack remains near the bottom of the league, along with total yards, while their passing attack remains around the middle of the pack.


Miami continues their steady climb in both points scored, and 3rd down percentage. Both are very important stats for an effective offense no matter the yards. If you can't score points, or even stay on the field, you probably won't win many games. On the flip side, sacks allowed took a huge drop in week 2 and dropped further after this past week. The blame here falls on a number of people (oline, HBs, TEs, and Tannehill) and something needs to change. We want to limit the amount of hits RT takes, and limit the amount of negative plays that can kill drives.


While the ranking for interceptions thrown dropped in week 3, all three stats remain in the top ten of the league with both QB rating and percentage seeing drastic climbs since week 1. There's no hiding that the QB is the most important position in the NFL. If you don't have a top QB, your team won't go far. Through three weeks Tannehill is making a huge case for recognition after being the "forgotten" among the 2012 rookie class. He still has areas to improve on, but it's hard not to be excited for what he could become.

Defensive Rankings:


The defense continues the debate over just what makes a defense "good". After a respectable debut in Cleveland, all 3 phases have dropped in the last 2 weeks, now ranking in the bottom half in yards allowed across the board. Perhaps the most surprising is the drop in run defense, which was a perceived strength coming into the season.


On the flip side of the yards mark, Miami remains in the top 10 for points, sacks and third down % despite a significant drop in week 3 against one of the top teams from the last few years. If Miami can continue to limit the scoring of their opponents, no game will ever be out of hand.


In that same note, Miami's defense remains near the top of the league in interceptions, as well as QB rating and completion %. Those rankings have dropped the past two weeks facing some of the best young QBs in the league, and will be tested once again this upcoming week. If you want to be successful on defense, disrupting the QB is a good place to start.

Philbin's Focus:


And finally, we have the main focus of this offseason; the turnover differential. Miami hopped out of the gates quick with a +2 mark in Cleveland, and that hasn't changed in 3 weeks. This can be looked at in two ways. The secondary continues to get interceptions, which they've struggled at in the past, with 5 through 3 games. However, the offense has turned it over just enough to keep things even (2 ints, 2 fumbles). So while they're getting the takeaways Philbin wants, they are still turning the ball over each week as well.

Number Form:


Total Yards: 26th with 319.3 yds/G.

Passing Yards: 14th with 249 yds/G.

Rushing Yards: 28th with 70.3 yds/G.

Points: 11th with 24.7 pts/G.

Sacks: 30th with 14 allowed.

Int: 8th with 2 thrown.

QB rating: 9th with 94.3 rating.

QB%: 8th with 66.4%.

3rd Down%: 3rd with 50% converted.


Total Yards: 22nd with 372 yds/G.

Passing Yards: 20th with 263.3 yds/G.

Rushing Yards: 19th with 108.7 yds/G.

Points: 8th with 17.7 pts/G.

Sacks: 9th with 9.

Int: 3rd with 5.

QB rating: 5th with 68.7 rating.

QB%: 6th with 55.2%.

3rd Down%: 7th with 32%.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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