Ryan Tannehill: A Look at his 3rd Down Numbers


There was a question in my other post about how is Tannehill doing on 3rd downs. Since it is an important stat, and one where Tannehill struggled last year, I decided I'd do another one of these as opposed to trying to squeeze my answer into a reply. This is a look at Tannehill only and does not include 3rd downs that were handoffs. It also removes the spiked ball at the end of the half against Indy to set up the field goal since I didn't think it fair to count that against him.

Last season, Tannehill converted 56 of his 167 attempts, or 33.5%. That put him just behind Carson Palmer (of the Raiders), and just ahead of Josh Freeman and Mark Sanchez. Our old pal Chad Henne took up the bottom spot with a 26.5% conversion rate, and surprisingly, right in front of him was Andy Dalton at 27.54%. On the opposite end of the scale, Peyton Manning led the way at 49% with Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Tony Romo rounding out the top five. Obviously, that top pack is where we want Tannehill to find his company, not with Freeman, Sanchez, Weeden and Locker. Of the other notable rookies last year, Wilson and Luck both converted around 43%, while RG3 was back at 34% just a few spots above RT.

So through two games how has Tannehill faired in an area where he needed improvement. Let's take a look. Remember, this is only looking at passing attempts on 3rd down, or runs by RT, not the team as a whole.

3rd Down Percentage:

Cleveland: 8/15 or 53%.

Indy: 4/11 or 36% (includes 1 run/sneak)

Total: 12/26 or 46%

In a game where the run game was non-existent, Tannehill converted over half of his 3rd down attempts. However, he didn't fair as well against Indy falling back into the 30's. Through two games, that puts him at converting 46% of his 3rd down attempts. That would match him with Matt Ryan from last year, conveniently who we face this upcoming week. Of course, simple percentages don't tell the whole story.

Other Notes:

TD/Int Ratio:

Cleveland:0 TDs vs 0 Ints

Indy: 0 TDs vs 0 ints

Total: even

*He has two fumbles on third down, 1 of which was lost.

Average Distance:

Cleveland: 3rd and 8.

Indy: 3rd and 6.

Average: 3rd and 7.

Average Yards Per Completion:

Cleveland: 9 completions for 82 yards, or 9.1 avg.

Indy: 4 completions for 54 yards, or 13.5 avg.

Total: 13 completions for 136 yards, or 10.5 avg.

Failed Attempts:

The other thing to note is the result of the failed attempts. Tannehill had 7 failed attempts against both Cleveland and Indy. Of those 14 failed attempts, only 2 were completed passes. He's also taken 5 sacks on third down (he's been sacked 9 times total). That means 19% of the time he's taking a sack on third down.


The jury is still out with 14 games remaining this season. I will continue to keep track as the season progresses to see if Tannehill himself has progressed, or if 3rd downs remain a trouble area for him.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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