Ryan Tannehill through two weeks.

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We've played 2 games so far in the young 2013 season. This is also the second season for our young QB, Ryan Tannehill, whom we are hoping to see big things from. While the offense struggled much of the day against Cleveland, he did lead two big touchdown drives to put Miami on top. He followed that up with a big win in Indy where he outplayed the top pick of his year, Andrew Luck. Through two games, Tannehill's stats look like this.

65.3% completion rating for 591 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. He has a QB rating of 94.2. His current pace would have him finishing the year with 4,728 yards, 16 TDS and 8 interceptions. That's 1,434 yards more than last year, 4 more TDs, and 5 fewer interceptions. We'd naturally like to see him throw for more TDs, but single number interceptions and almost 5000 yards passing isn't something to complain about. He's also on pace to have 64 passes of over 20 yards, 24 more than last year. His completion percentage, throwing avg, and QB rating are also higher than last season to this point. The downside, he's on pace to take 72 sacks (37 more than last year) so he might want to start getting rid of that ball quicker at times.

Outside of that, lets look at some other stats to see how our young QB is doing.

As we stand, Tannehill struggles the most during his 11th and 20th pass attempts of the game. He's completing 60% of those passes with only a 5.4 yard avg, 0 TDs and 1 int. His rating is a 53.8 during that span. On the opposite end, his first 10 pass attempts, and his attempts between 21-30, have him with a 114 and 112 QB rating. He's thrown both TDs in this range as well as 391 yards, at a 9.8 yard avg. However, he's also been sacked the most during this span. He's been sacked 3 times so far during his first 10 attempts, and another 3 times between his 21-30 attempts. That's 6 out of his 9 sacks.

As far as field position is concerned, Tannehill's numbers so far have been better on the opponent's side of the field. He has a perfect 158.3 QB rating inside the redzone to this point, albeit on a small sample size (he's only thrown 2 passes, completing both, and 1 TD) considering Miami has primarily run inside the 20. This is an important area for QBs to excel, and the team as a whole (Miami scored a TD on all 3 redzone attempts against Indy). From midfield to the redzone, Tannehill has a 90.1 rating. He's thrown 1 TD from this range, but also 1 int. He's averaging 9.4 yards a pass in this part of the field. His lowest mark is between Miami's 20 and midfield, though it's still at an 86.8 QB rating. He's taken 6 of his sacks on this part of the field, but this is also where the bulk of his yards have come from. He's throwing 63% and a QB rating of 88 inside his own 20, with only 1 sack.

The 2nd half has been his strongest point through two games. In the first half, he's had an 86.2 QB rating, but that increases to 103.6 in the second half. The 2nd Qtr in particular has been Tannehill's worst by far, with a 59.7 QB rating (his only qtr with a QBrating below 100). He's averaging only 6 yards a pass, with 0 TDs and 1 Int in the 2nd qtr. He has a 124.2 QB rating in the first qtr, and is completing 80% of his passes in the 4th qtr.

Tannehill has also been at his best when the team is either down, or tied, though in a smaller size as Miami has spent much of these two weeks ahead. He has thrown both TD passes when the team is down or tied, averages over 10 yards a pass, and has a 113 QB rating during this time.

The other thing to note for all of this, it's all been on the road.

This upcoming week will be another good test for Miami, and Tannehill, as it pits them against one of the best teams in the NFC as well as an explosive passing attack led by another talented young QB (one whom many wish Miami had taken a few years back).

Let's keep this going and get to 3-0. Phins up!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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