Rock n Roll ain't Pretty ; Kick-Off 2013

Fun, fun, fun,...

It all worked as planed ( for the most part ). A early Friday evening departure meant I arrived at my leisure on Saturday and Tanya got a nice visit with her favorite cousin. That's called a win/win and soon enough Saturday afternoon did roll around.

I along I planned on taking the stadium flag to Cleveland, and take it I did,.....straight the front of their stadium,....on Saturday afternoon,.....

 photo IMG_8895_zps4aa37c1b.jpg

Saturday evening was filled with a visit to Villi, a stop a local bar & grill for a quick drink and a meet-up with other fans, then I needed to relax as I was back at my hotel by 10PM. I never sleep well or soundly the night before a game, much less a game that opens the season just 2 hours from home ( while hosting a group of 40+). So it should come to no surprise that when I set my alarm for 6 AM and was up by 5AM & out on the streets by 5:30ish. Downtown was empty,....

 photo IMG_0975_zps79ef5fa8.jpg  photo IMG_0984_zps2ec2379b.jpg

But after a short walk around my hotel I got the truck out and drove over by the Muni lot entrance. There they were,, trucks, RV's, campers all lined up to get their party on about 8 blocks deep at 6:30AM.

 photo IMG_0987_zpsa03db5c1.jpg

Not sure exactly what time we finally got into the lot, but I have to say here how smart my Wife is. I parked in the 1st lot I found in the airport only to have Tanya point out that if we relocated to the lot across the street we would then have a bit of yard to throw our party at. She is a keeper.

Time to set up camp,...

 photo IMG_8900_zps682a1b65.jpg

Going for all the style points I can manage, I set a little Dolphins display.

 photo IMG_8905_zpsc5fa223b.jpg(Bill Moody take a hard look,....and you'll see something familiar)

A thing of beauty !

 photo IMG_8906_zps832b1468.jpg

But you know what they say, bigger is better. I have to agree,....

 photo IMG_8907_zps9243fb76.jpg  photo IMG_8910_zpsca77a19b.jpg

I'm not sure who took this pic, but I'm pretty sure they don't have a eye for photography as they clearly cut the flag out of the pic,....WTF !

 photo IMG_8916_zpse0f73700.jpg That's better, but now I'm missing the people. Oh well, get the point.  photo IMG_8917_zpsaaf2a774.jpg

I have mentioned Villi many times before, he has always been another that is first to arrive and tends the grill. There he shines as his grub tastes great and got gobbled down.

 photo IMG_8918_zpsfff8a11d.jpg

"Bad Bobby" and his crew made the trip from Iowa and his Birthday was on Saturday too. And he looks no worse for wear on Sunday morning.

 photo IMG_8921_zpsba2b34aa.jpg

Tim brought his crew of 7 in from Pittsburg and one of the couples in his party didn't fair as well as Bad Bobby because they missed the tailgate, but made the game.

 photo IMG_8923_zpsad5c7807.jpg

Andrew who's home escapes me had (by far) the most popular jersey of the day ! But that's nothing compaired to his Dolphins tattoo, more on that later.

 photo IMG_8925_zps7f14715c.jpg

Its not uncommon for the faithful to want to "play" with some of my Dolphins "stuff". Something else that is also not uncommon, spying,....while my camera is handy !

 photo IMG_8926_zps31155907.jpg Looking good Luida !!!  photo IMG_8928_zps3e015a56.jpg

Tom from Canada, seen here playing catch with his Son has got to have the story of the weekend. While he & his son where out for dinner he got a pic with the entire O-line & his son !!! And a few others too, like Hartline !!! Great story, I'm glad he was able to share that with me,....too cool.

 photo IMG_8930_zpsa1fbee65.jpg

Name tags, idea that I thought would make the party a little nicer. Tanya being the admin of our team was quick to make sure everyone got tags,.....even if in the end we had to duck tape them in place as the sticky side sucked.

 photo IMG_8933_zps157dc9c3.jpg

Look at this picture,....what do you see ( besides 3 big ass smiles ) ?

 photo IMG_8935_zpsc5320996.jpg

Party time ! QUICK,....somebody get that kid an O'douls and a virgin Jell-O shot,......kidding,.....

 photo IMG_8937_zps9a46dd7e.jpg

Brown's fans can be real idiots, say the least. We were repeated called an asshole, taunted, and generally treated rudely. One idiot even thought it would be a good idea to run up to me, tackling me while I held my flag. Bad idea because I lifetime of playing hockey has left me with little fear of some drunken idiot at a football game. He was about a 1/2 inch from having his day wrecked as I threw a wicked elbow while tussling on the ground. Once on my feet me declined my invitation to "discuss" further and he quickly retreated. I'll never understand why it's not OK to love your team as much as another loves his,......

The flag quickly went right back up,.....NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT !

 photo IMG_8951_zps96a14bc1.jpg

Yup,...I rocked the make-up. Like I said, Rock n Roll ain't pretty !

 photo IMG_8938_zps7ce7dd84.jpg We are ROCK STARS !!!!  photo IMG_8949_zps203b573b.jpg

My party wasn't the biggest or the best, but by all accounts good times where had all the way around.

 photo IMG_8947_zps01b51bf7.jpg

Here's a great picture of me not trying to antagonize Cleveland as my flag stayed down most of the day,....

 photo IMG_8948_zps5c4e8c46.jpg

1 tailgate, 8 Dolfans, 9 Dolphins tattoos. An OFF4L record,....and pure awesomeness !!!!

 photo IMG_8955_zpsd0d7db76.jpg Now a mentioned a killer tattoo earlier. This IS a killer tattoo !!!!!  photo IMG_8954_zpsade879b0.jpg

It wasn't long before we had to roll towards the stadium that yet another Dolfan ( and Phinsider member ) joined the party. Why it was Bill Moody who made the trip all the way from Southern California. Sadly, I had already packed away Mini OFF4L. But who needs M.O. when the real thing is here in the flesh,....LETS ROCK !!!

 photo IMG_8959_zpsb511cc9a.jpg

Bill,....say "Hi" to everyone here at The Phinsider !!!

 photo IMG_8962_zps9d609412.jpg

Then we got photo-bombed !!!

 photo IMG_8964_zps237ad7f2.jpg And truth be told, I talked with several Browns fans that were good sports, just many more seemed to be nothing more than poor sports,....  photo IMG_8966_zpsb29e2d8d.jpgVilli,....he makes me laugh,....

Have I ever mention my Dolphin karma and that it is strong ???? Well, while walking into the stadium I see none other than Toledoan and '72 Dolphin, #45 DB Curtis Johnson. Note the hardware !!!!!

 photo IMG_8967_zps7c890faf.jpg The crap I took for the 30 minutes getting through this crowd,....  photo IMG_8968_zps27b7d3fc.jpg Could not phase me, it was all good !  photo IMG_8969_zpse3bd7c70.jpg

Finally we got to our seats,...  photo IMG_8973_zps82ba41e5.jpg

And this picture tells you of the typical treatment one can expect in Cleveland.  photo IMG_8974_zpsd4548fd6.jpg The sad part is the little kid to the left is being taught that this is acceptable behavior which in turn creates a negative image of his city. And I had to express my displeasure with 'Mr double bird tough guy" some where around beginning of the 4th as I only know how. One too many ugly references about ones sexuality,....there are times I miss the good ol' days. Because if there was ever anyone that needed a beating it was him,...Oh well,....scoreboard bitch ! On a side note, Bill Moody's Wife ( who I didn't speak to much ) seemed to be the polite quite type. That is until she stood up abruptly and shouted,...."KNOCK IT OFF, OR I'LL COME UP THERE AND KICK YOU ASS !". I took notice,...

We might have been sitting next to heaven, but I had an angel with me ! The same can not be said for the person with the gal in the top left of picture,....ugh,...

 photo IMG_8977_zpsd49a7f78.jpg Uhhmmmm,.....goodbye !  photo IMG_8979_zpsfae9c13a.jpg

 photo IMG_8982_zps0acabc28.jpg With the game over it was now time for a a group picture,....

 photo IMG_8986_zps4e8470a0.jpg I am OHIOFINFAN4LIFE and today rocked !!!!  photo IMG_8990_zpsa720a0b9.jpg Next stop Indy !

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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