National Media vs Miami Dolphins

I'm sure you all feel the same as I do when I say i'm so sick of the media and these "experts" ripping the dolphin's every move, even if it means contradicting themselves.

Recently, Dennis Green goes on to say 2 things that I found ridiculous. First being, that Miami lost 2 great players, Jake long and Reggie Bush. Now first off, Jake Long hasn't been half as good the past 2 years as he was his first few years in the league. He's had multiple season ending surgeries and isn't the even in the top 10 of LT in the NFL. There were times last year where we continuously had to send Fasano and or a RB to his side to help bc he was getting beat so badly. Not to mention watching the tape of last night with the Rams vs the Browns, i didnt find one play where he was able to stone his guy. Every time he was off balance, losing his footing, and getting pushed back. But of course, if Green Bay, Pitt, or NE, had Jake and let him go, everyone would say its a smart move. For once, i'd like these analysts to do some research and tell me why it was such a big blow to lose out on paying a LT 8 million a year for what he once WAS, not the player he is going to be. He looked like sh*t, plain and simple vs Jabal Sheard in last night's game and that's no different than how he performed the past few years.

Secondly, Reggie Bush. Now don't get me wrong, I liked Reggie Bush, he was a playmaker, but even by HIS OWN WORDS, he said he's not a traditional running back but rather a play maker (not in those exact words). Clearly meaning he knows that he doesnt follow his running assignments but every now and then he can make something happen that's not there. That's great to have on a team, if thats what you want from your every down back. Before Miami signed Reggie, EVERYONE said it was a mistake because we are relying on a player who never stayed healthy to be the every down back, and he cant handle playing all 3 downs, and he'll get hurt, and wont be good for miami, well he nearly had back to back 1000 yard seasons, and all of the sudden now its a huge mistake that we let him walk. Did it ever occur to people that maybe Lamar Miller fits this offense better than Reggie?...Reggie is not a zone style running back. That is exactly what Lamar is, how well did Reggie do running the ball in New Orleans behind the great Drew Brees and Sean Payton's offense? But all of the sudden, Miami is stupid for letting him go and not paying him 4 million a year when we have a much much cheaper and better fit in Lamar Miller. Not to mention, Dennis Green says Reggie Bush scores TDs, and doesn't know if Mike Wallace can do what he did, even though Mike Wallace had MOREEEEE TDS over the past 4 years (32 for wallace, 24 for Bush)

But OF COURSE!!! How can we be so dumb, there is no way that Wallace will get better, I mean after all, he is already going into his FIFTH SEASON as a WR, OMG, can you believe it, his FIFTH YEAR! He might as well retire right now. After all, he had a "down" year last year. It couldn't be that he was playing hurt a little, or that he felt the affects of not having Big Ben in there for 3 games and playing hurt the other few, or that Pitt's o-line got even worse, if that was actually possible. No, no no...its all because Mike Wallace is getting worse, and slowing down. Mike Wallace 32 tds first 4 years, Calvin, Johnson, the best wr in the NFL had 33. Ok well what about Andre Johnson, oh, just a whopping 17. Ok, let's try Larry Fitzgerald, 34. Wallace is 1 td less than Megatron and 2 less than Larry Fitz....these guys are arguably 2 of the best wr's of their time and almost sure fire hall of famers, and got PAID, deservingly so...but NO NO NO, Miami overpaid for Wallace and his services. Even though he and his father both have stated publicly that he turned down more money to come to Miami. Oh, well Pitt let him go so they know something we don't. PITT DID NOT LET HIM GO FOR A SECOND. They offered him 10 mil a year just one off season ago, and he said no so they went to Antonio Brown, offered him slightly less, and screwed themselves because now they couldn't even franchise tag Wallace if they wanted to (no cap space). But of course, everyone forgets that that happened and that it was Pitt's decision. MY A$$ it was.

But wait, there is no chance he can do better than he did in PItt, his best days are clearly behind him. But Reggie on the other hand, as a RUNNING BACK, going on his EIGHTH SEASON, HE IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER OF COURSE. What running back in the history of the NFL got BETTER in his 9th season in the NFL? He's back to playing on turf, where HE HIMSELF said was the reason for all his injuries.

Below were Dennis Green's actual quotes. Your right, Mike Wallace is no Bush, he's BETTER. And no, he's not Jake Long, he's better!...Oh and that's right, last year you were 7-9, so you should do EVERYTHING you can to make sure you keep all those players in tact so you can continue to STAY 7-9. How in the world does that make any freakin sense. If we just won the super bowl, yea, I agree, keep the team together. But the Ravens blow up their whole team, lose nearly double digit starters in Birk, Boldin, Lewis, Reed, Ellerbe, Cary Williams, Pollard, Kruger, Pitta for the year with Injury, but don't worry, they are just fine.

"I like Mike Wallace if he's here to play, but Mike Wallace is noReggie Bush," Green said. "Mike Wallace is a great guy with great speed. He's made a lot of plays down the field, butReggie Bush has scored a lot of touchdowns. And Mike Wallace is no Jake Long, either.

"I like him, I think he's a fast player. He can make plays down the field, but I think you always start with keeping your own good players, because they don't have that physiological negative effect when you lose one of your better players. ... I'm just saying why I think they're going to struggle offensively."

Then Dennis Green goes off to mention that Tannehill won't be a great quarterback. Now I define great as HOF caliber, that is GREAT, that is ELITE. I personally don't know if Tannehill will be ELITE, but I would bet that he will be pretty darn good, eventually a top 10 qb in this league, if he can just work on his accuracy and anticipation a little bit. He has all the physical tools, and is very smart, and extremely hard working. To me, those are essential traits a good qb in the NFL needs to have. It took Drew Brees until his 3rd full NFL season to post a qb rating above 77 to show he was legit. It took Eli Manning his 5th NFL season to have a rating above 77 to show he was legit. Both of these qbs ended up winning super bowls and entrenching themselves as franchise qbs and honestly both have a chance at Canton.

How can anyone tell if he will be elite after one season in the NFL, after which he had 19 college starts....this is ridiculous. I just use Green as one of many examples of analysts like Jamie Dukes, Heath Evans, who don't know squat about what they are talking about, and just talk out of their a$$ regarding their feelings.

I personally wouldn't go on air saying Tannehill will or wont be great, I would say, its too soon, and we don't know. But we should know a lot more this year with all the additional weapons he has and the extra year of experience. But hell, that would be too conservative i guess, not enough spice in that response.

As I say, most of us were here when the team was 1-15, and i'll be here when the team goes back to the super bowl, whenever that might be, hopefully sooner than later. But I will say that having an opinion is one thing, formulating an opinion after you've done some research and ignoring your personal negative bias towards miami because they HAVE been the punching bag of the media for the past 3-4 years is something else. Does anyone remember when the pats stunk all throughout the 80's and early 90's?...How about the Colts before Peyton got there?...Giants before Eli? Saints before Brees? 49ers before Harbaugh? One player has shown to be able to have a substantial impact on the future of a team, and I'm not ready to give up on our potential franchise changing player in Tannehill. Everyone wants to write him off after 5 attempts in his first preseason game...and after one practice where he threw a few Int's.

It's time to relax and start judging players when the games actually count!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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