"M" is for Miami ; The HOF Experience

Two days of pure Dolphins bliss. And it was never about the "glorified scrimmage". It was about the fans, The HOF, It was about football as a whole. A celebration of a sport that binds us all together. Whether you root for Seahawks from China or the kid from the inner city just moments from the Rams home stadium, draws us all closer. Which if you're a stinky Jets fans is not always a good thing,... Lets get going and take it from the top. I had 6 days at home before I needed to shove off for Canton. Now you might think that's plenty of time to prepare. But when driving across the country after not being home for the last 9.5 months, I seemed a bit rushed at times. However true to form, I was packed & ready for action by Friday evening when we shoved off.  photo IMG_8321_zpsb946200f.jpg photo IMG_8328_zps084dfd31.jpg

Like most things I set my mind to, I had a plan. Roll in Friday night, get up early and bike from Akron to The HOF. There I was going to ride to the parade route as to been seen in my DCC gear and meet up with old friends in PFUFA (Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association). An easy 35 mile ride through rural Ohio. I had my map and I studied the route. But a road closed due to bridge repairs changed my plans, a big way. My ride turned a bit of a grind ( something I'm use to from my time at Mt Diablo ). Lost and bad direction from several people and I ended up going 54 miles. So much for my plans with the parade.

Again, Mt Diablo had served me well. I eat those miles with a smile.

Act II


 photo IMG_8333_zpsc4c4d771.jpg

Group shot, then this just happened,...

All part of the plan, but the next event wasn't !  photo IMG_8341_zps28831bb5.jpg  photo IMG_8342_zpsc6770382.jpg If you look closely you'll notice my hand & " SS POLE",....down another inch and it reads "ass pole". Move your hand all together and it truly reads "fiberglass pole". Kinda a funny side note.  photo IMG_8346_zps24f7f81c.jpg

So, I got to shake Don Shula's hand and got in a few words as he passed by after his autograph signing. Coincidence ??? Maybe, or maybe my Dolphin karma remains strong. But one thing is for certain, I would never have these pictures to share with you if it wasn't for my awesome photographer,....Tanya !  photo IMG_8347_zps6fe980e2.jpg

She's a keeper, and needs to be in front of the camera more often, skimpy Dolphins gear, I was really tired at the end of the day, but still managed to go out for a few beers with 2 other couples from my group that arrived later that day.


If the game starts at 8PM, I should definitely arrive by 9AM. Tanya was not having any of that, so I rode with Vilmos & Liuda. They are close friends that made the trip from Richmond, Virginia and we have went to 4 events together now ( 5 once Cleveland arrives ).  photo IMG_8377_zps032ed3a9.jpg  photo IMG_8378_zps78b3e76b.jpg After parking the car it was off to HOF as to beat the crowds.  photo IMG_8381_zps326aa774.jpg  photo IMG_8383_zps9f21ab66.jpg  photo IMG_8386_zpscda70d7e.jpg

I spent the better part of 90 minutes just hanging out back by the car alone. But shortly after 11 my gear arrived !!!  photo IMG_8392_zps31501a7a.jpg  photo IMG_8393_zpsd6a1a59a.jpg  photo IMG_8394_zps372b1b06.jpg  photo IMG_8395_zps1129753e.jpg  photo IMG_8406_zps5eb23d72.jpg

Wayne didn't stay long, but it was great seeing him & his Wife as they stopped by. Wayne is "The Ultimate Packer's Fan" and another winner from The Boldest fan in the Game contest. He too has his own HOF bust and is a good sport !  photo IMG_8396_zps32e7c4ca.jpg  photo IMG_8399_zps1854ad3e.jpg Once Vilmos & Liuda returned I found them checking out my gear, !

 photo IMG_8400_zps6c072282.jpg

I had a plan all along. Set up camp, get those in attendance comfortable, then take a few laps around the HOF property. With the DCC jersey & a Shula bobblehead strapped to my bars I was sure to be noticed. My mission : spread the word as to another trip with the flag to the front of The HOF for another photo-op/DCC pass the hat session.  photo IMG_8405_zpscd5ee53e.jpg I did that a total of 3 times that day, but it was my last trip that was most memorably. Maybe you've already seen the picture as it made the rounds via Twitter & the Dolphins website. And if you haven't,'s the story behind said pics. I would ride up around HOF and cut over from the side street behind it.There I would slowly roll ( or walk when security yelled at me,...geez) through the crowd up towards the entrance then continuing on past the stadium. Another 100 yards and I would make a right to head back to camp. It was at this corner that a police escorts was rolling in, 6 motorcycle cops with a couple cars with them. Here I asked the cop manning this corner what gives. "The owners" he replied. Well, know me, a 180 and a couple hard strides and I rolled up to the fence within earshot of them as they exited the cars. I knew it was Mr Ross & Nat Moore, but wasn't sure you else was with them at first. "NAT !" I yelled once. He immediately looked my way as I held my bike over my head with the biggest shit eating grin ever. He nudged Mr Ross and pointed up in my direction with a smile almost as big. Now they were both grinning as Mr Ross informed his assistant to big me inside the fenced area where they were. A handshake and about 90 seconds of small talk,....with a billionaire. And if that wasn't enough '72 Dolphin & HOF QB Bob Griese was there too. Enjoy !  photo tempBANC6538--nfl_mezz_1280_1024_zps53d7e9c2.jpg  photo BQ3HtiGCYAAsEZ4jpg-large_zps97ed0aaf.jpg Back to earth. I still had a flag to take to front of The HOF,...again. This time I was bring my tailgaters with me.  photo IMG_8408_zps0d915542.jpg

If you want to now how I roll, this.

And the pictures that followed.  photo IMG_8414_zps964ebf1e.jpg  photo IMG_8423_zps300b05e5.jpg  photo IMG_8428_zpsfcb8f79f.jpg

Could the turnout have been better,...yes. Am I disappointed,....hell no ! Back to the tailgate, we got food to eat & beverages to consume. It was here Mike started twisting the screws. "Are you going to paint up, you GOT to paint up. There all kinds of Cowboy fans painted up, you GOT to paint up !". 3 or 4 times I heard that speech as I just wanted to sport my new lid. Of course I caved after about 10 minutes. Here I give you "Men playing with make-up".  photo IMG_8432_zpsb40d4148.jpg  photo IMG_8433_zps4f8a3421.jpg  photo IMG_8434_zps3df72bcb.jpg  photo IMG_8435_zps53944e5f.jpg  photo IMG_8436_zps7b3bf4b8.jpg

Now, it was time to go !  photo IMG_8439_zps5ccfaf64.jpg  photo IMG_8444_zps73e2a663.jpg Now once we get to our seats who do you think is seated just 2 seats over ? Why it's Super Fan Chris Barker. This guy & his Mother fly to ever Dolphin road game, always staying at the team's hotel. He link's our stuff on his FB page but not sure if he has ever posted anything. Maybe one day he will join in.  photo IMG_8446_zps533bab58.jpg So there was a game (scrimmage) too, here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  photo IMG_8453_zpsa3237161.jpg  photo IMG_8454_zpse05edbf6.jpg  photo IMG_8457_zps43ffaa86.jpg  photo IMG_8459_zps45ca6631.jpg  photo IMG_8460_zpsf5393e3b.jpg  photo IMG_8462_zps1b904b43.jpg  photo IMG_8467_zps8d5cd0aa.jpg  photo IMG_8471_zps16e7c3dc.jpg

We are a strong fan base, a proud fan base. That helmet that many said is silly, to me is symbolic. "M" is for Miami.  photo 1077822_10201862445831092_1800149833_o_zps130ee85b.jpg

I blew out my voice that weekend, and not because I was screaming my ass off but because I was talking none stop about the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. And I will continue to do so until the day of the ride. I've said, the ride will be easy ( and 170 miles ain't easy), asking for donations,...that's hard. I humbly ask for your continued support.


The adventure will continue as this event was my "pre-season" as well. I will be making the trip to Cleveland and my initial group of 40 has grown. For about the last 3 weeks now I get contacted about the group outing. SO,...... If you are planning on making the trip as well, tailgating will be at The Burke Lakefront Airport lot. And, the flag goes to the steps of The Rock n Roll HOF at 11AM. BE THERE ! OFF4L

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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